Shane Allison

You know what I think
You want to know what I think
I think you’re uncut
Yes, I have reason to believe that you are uncut
And I usually don’t believe in believe
But I believe believe this time
And believe is telling me that you are uncut
You look uncut to me
Since when?
Since ever since then that’s when
So are you
Are you
You know
Are you uncut
You look like you would be
To me you look like you would be to me
You look like you would be uncut to me
I’m sure you are
I am so sure that you are uncut
I know I will never know
But what I need to know is
Are you
Are you uncut
You sure as hell look uncut
I know what uncut looks like
And you look like you are uncut
I know an uncut guy when I see one
And you fit the description perfectly
What is the description of an uncut guy
Guys like you that’s who
Now don’t now
Now don’t get all riled up now
Don’t get your nuts in a bunch
I’m not going to ask you to take down your pants
I don’t want to see it
I do but I don’t and I know that I won’t
I’m just making an observation
I’m simply observating
I’m simply sayin’
You are uncut
I’m sure of it
I wasn’t so sure before
But I’m positive now
I have never been more positiver
Than I am right now
You are uncut
You are so uncut
It’s crazy how uncut you are
Tell me
Tell me the truth
Honestly, the honest truth
Are you uncut
Put my suspicions to rest
Is it
Is it uncut
Don’t be cross
Don’t get pissed
Just answer me this
Are you uncut
If you are
That is okay
It’s nothing to be ashamed of
Or embarrassed about
I am your friend
I love you more than love loves itself
I will not love you any less if you are—well—you know
I will not love you any lesser
I’m not saying that I love you less
I love you more not less
Morer than lesser
I love you more than the director’s cut of uncutness
I will not label you
I will not stuff you in a box
And kick you in the corner of mind
As “uncut”
If you are uncut
You are not alone
You are not the only one
Take my word for this
You are not the only one
Uncut in the world
Uncutness brings good luck
Uncut uncutness brings—
Uncut goodluckness
So are you
Are you or aren’t you
Are you or are you not uncut
I can’t hear you, what
Are you or are you not


Shane Allison was born and raised in the U.S., more specifically, in Florida. Even more specifically, in Tallahassee, which is the capital of Florida, surprisingly. He started writing poetry when he was just a 16-year-old baby who knew nothing about the world. Writers who influence him the most include
Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Denise Duhamel, Walta Burowski, and others scattered throughout literary society. His Pushcart-nominated poems have been published in Mississipi Review, New Delta Review, Coal City Review, The Fifth Street Review, Velvet Mafia.com, Suspect Thoughts.com, Blue Food, Lynx Eye, and many others. His chapbook, Ceiling of Mirrors, is out from Cynic Press and his new chapbook is a work in progress.

 “Uncut” is about another friend of mine whose “member” I have sense wondered about. I like to think I am “sizing him up” in this poem. More like an “are you or aren’t you?” type of thing. It’s a humor piece and humor is important to me in poetry. I believe there’s this idea that in order for a poem to be a poem, it has to be serious. I disagree. Why can’t humor and getting down to the “nitty-gritty” coexist?

“Uncut” is about imagery and giving the readers no other choice but to imagine. Don’t call these poems shocking. I hate that word. I don’t know what it means in reference to poetry. I’m not interested in intentionally “shocking” people. This is writing from my perspective as a man and a gay man. Just because I’m writing from such a perspective shouldn’t make my
work shocking.


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