The Man Who Ate His Penis
Shane Allison

A Malaysian man
A Malaysian man
A man who is Malaysian sliced
Sliced off his
Sliced off his penis
A Malaysian man sliced off his penis
He sliced off his penis, and then fried it.
Then fried and ate it.
He, this man, this Malaysian man,
This man sliced off his penis then fried it.
He fried it and ate it.
He ate it.
He sliced it off, it being his penis, and fried it.
He fried up his penis and ate it.
The Malaysian man sliced off his penis;
He sliced off his “Johnson,” fried it up
And ate it after taking hallucinatory pills
That caused him to hear voices
Because of the hallucinatory pills,
Because he was under the influence
Of hallucinatory pills that caused…
Hallucinatory pills that caused him to hear voices,
Urged him…urged him to mutilate himself.
He, this man, who took hallucinatory pills,
Heard voices.
Voices that urged him…
Hallucinatory voices brought on by hallucinatory pills
Urged him to mutilate himself,
Urged him to cut off his dick,
Fry it up and eat it up.
He sliced it off, fried it up and ate it up.
And ate it…he ate it up.
He sliced off his penis, fried his penis up
And ate it all up.
His entire penis was eaten up.
The 34-year-old Malaysian man ate his penis all up.
He is only 34 years old.
At the ripe age of 34, he sliced off, fried up and ate up his own dick.
He realized what he had done when he saw blood.
When he saw blood, he knew what he had done.
When he saw blood, his blood, oozing from his crotch,
He knew what he had done.
He knew right then what he had done
When he saw blood oozing from his crotch.
Because of the hallucinatory pills.
Hallucinatory pills that caused him to hear hallucinatory voices
Urging him to chop off his genitals and devour it.
To just chop it off.
To just chop it off, it being his penis, that which was chopped off, his penis,
Was fried up and devoured.
To just chop it off and slice it off and fry it up and devour it.
To chop it off, slice it off, fry it up and devour it all up
Like it was an Italian sausage or something.
Like it was meat and potatoes or something.
As if his penis was a jumbo frank that plumps when you cook it.
Did it plump up when he cooked it?
I wonder if it plumped up when he cooked it.
I believe it plumped up when he cooked it up.
I have reason to believe that it plumped up, when he,
this 34-year-old Malaysian man, sliced off his cock and cooked it. Cooked it up.
He is now in stable condition.
In stable condition with no penis.
In stable condition while his penis is in his stomach.
His penis is in his stomach. He will have a bowel movement.
The man will then have a bowel movement. His bowels will move
And his fried up penis will pass.
The man’s sliced off and fried up penis will pass
And when it does, it will be reattached.
With the newest technology, his penis will be reattached
And he will be fine again. He will be fine and the world will be good.


Shane Allison was born and raised in the U.S., more specifically, in Florida. Even more specifically, in Tallahassee, which is the capital of Florida, surprisingly. He started writing poetry when he was just a 16-year-old baby who knew nothing about the world. Writers who influence him the most include
Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Denise Duhamel, Walta Burowski, and others scattered throughout literary society. His Pushcart-nominated poems have been published in Mississipi Review, New Delta Review, Coal City Review, The Fifth Street Review, Velvet, Suspect, Blue Food, Lynx Eye, and many others. His chapbook, Ceiling of Mirrors, is out from Cynic Press and his new chapbook is a work in progress.

The Man Who Ate His Penis” is based on an article I read in about this guy who cut off his dick, cooked it, and ate it. It seemed so “unreal” when I read it. I thought it was hilarious, I’ll admit, but at the same time a real shame. You can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. I need to cross my legs every time I read it. There were these great lines from the article that I wanted to repeat over and over. I started writing poetry using the repetitive angle back in the spring of 2003. When I started, I was like this runaway train. I couldn’t stop, and it was all I was writing at the time. It was my pantoum and sestina writing phase.

The penis for me is sacred and should never be bothered by piercings and unneccesary roughness. So when you read about women cutting off their husband’s dicks and self-mutilation like this poor man in the poem, you can’t help but to cringe and go...OUCH! A friend of mine actually thought I knew the guy.

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