Attracting Worms on July Something—
Brian Hardie

There’s always an agenda in the Willow
Springs, there in Sin Territory.
It’s not another drug bust,
My darling,
Been reading on the top,
Now scarring.
Taste the beatings of random visits;
I hear their delight with tragic, positive wits.
They watched from an angle,
To put us in the clear.
“Her bus stopped in L.A.,”
Some said, around here.
History is repeating itself, monotonous.
Trust there will be gay men adoring the both of us.
Trust itself—
Learn from the need of drugs.
Who is willing to walk to the corner of
Sixth and Pseudo Thugs?
The environment smells of new breeds in the back.
She would pull that knife out before she had more
Worms attract.
Sure thing to be the rose.
To castrate paranoia won’t appetize, I suppose.

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