Cezarija Abartis
(spring 2016) Vanishing Point, Accidents, Act of Contrition, Cezarija Abartis’s Comments
(fall/winter 2016) Addictions

Gale Acuff
(summer 2008) Reception, Steps, Weather, Special Relativity, Gale Acuff’s Comments

Carol Everett Adams
(fall/winter 2019) Disney Vacation, I Save Us Both on Peter Pan’s Flight, There Are So Many Names of God, On the New Skyway at the Kansas City Zoo, The Persistence of World Showcase, Carol Everett Adams’s Comments

Philip Alexander
(winter 2004) Arctic Mint Whip

Christopher Allen
(fall/winter 2016) The Guy I Used to Date, What I Need to Tell People on the Train, Christopher Allen’s Comments

Shane Allison
(spring 2004) Afternoon Pleasures, Cheap and Easy, To Do List for Justin, Uncut, The Man Who Ate His Penis, Shane Allison’s Comments
(winter 2010) Did You Read That Poem That Fag Wrote About Chris Meloni?

Nicholas Alti
(spring/summer 2020) blueprint for amen, in the way planets cast shadows & nettle blisters skin, pretty useless wishes, Nicholas Alti’s Comments

Lou Amodeo
(fall 2005) If You Leave Me Behind Now I Will Not Be the Same

Janet Shell Anderson
(fall 2013) Near Gethsemane Cemetary, Learning the Language of Crazy Men, Pine Ridge Is in My Heart

Arlene Ang
(winter 2006) Scrying sand, Bloom, Mid-afternoon Over Montreal, This is not the first time you tasted sand, Counting, Arlene Ang’s Comments
(winter 2010) Excluding the Dead Girl from the Scene, Floating Face Down in the Water, We begin the day with two female corpses—, Undiscovered, Field Trip, Want, Arlene Ang’s Comments

(fall/winter 2016) Why Now?

Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
(winter 2011) The Night We Met, Green Umbrella, Lilith, Teacher Evaluations, Thank You for Your Interest in Our Fellowship, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz’s Comments
(spring 2012) February, July, November, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz’s Comments

Jules Archer
(summer 2012) Personal Karaoke Time

James Ardis
(spring 2016) (In a pool of their own blood), (I walked with earbuds on), (You’re home and you’ve been home), (With her palms dirty in her best thoughts), James Ardis’s Comments

Bob Arter
(winter 2005) Pictures of You, The Big Texan, Mating

Heather Austin
(winter 2010) All Exits Are Final

Nancy Au
(spring/summer 2017) Louise

Grant Bailie
(spring 2005) Know Your Material
(winter 2008) Evidence
(fall 2014) Strange Fruit

Matt Baker
(winter 2007) Landing on the Moon
(fall 2008) Knuckleball
(summer 2009) Reunion

Rusty Barnes
(spring/summer 2019) Early Memory: 1972 Flood, Gin-Soaked Boy, July Night, Revere Beach Boulevard, July Night, Revere Beach, Starless and Bible-Black, Combat Zone 1992: An Indictment, Poem on a Phrase from Kresimir Bagic, Rusty Barnes’s Comments,

David Bates
(fall 2008) 4 Years of Dreaming Bees, Black Jack, CamelBack, the Ex-Private

Scott Beal
(fall 2015) the octopus looks at a tree and thinks tentacle monster, the octopus makes unaccustomed shapes during the TNT halftime show, the octopus remembers its daughter’s preschool teacher, the other drives the octopus home from the Detroit Cobras show, the octopus looks up octopus on Wikipedia, Scott Beal’s Comments

Sylvie Beauvais
(spring 2012) Rosamonde Wakes

Helen Beer
(fall/winter 2020) Snowfall on Mt. Tam

Matt Bell
(spring 2005) Twenty Fingers, Five Pop Quizzes, Ground Rules

Mike Berger
(spring 2010) Sanctuary, The Old Fisherman, Walking in Rain

Ethan Bernard
(fall 2008) My Bargain with Sharks, Sudoku on the Subway, This Is the Part Where I Tell You Something You Didn’t Know, Ethan Bernard’s Comments

Andrew Bertaina
(fall/winter 2019) The Children Sleeping

Alexander Best
(summer 2005) Feet, This Poem’s About, The Book, Give Thanks #77, Can’t Put It in Words But I’ll Try, Alexander Best’s Comments
(summer 2007) Translation from the Gay, A Poet Travels the World Wide Web, Hard-Won Poem, Alexander Best’s Comments

Crispin Best
(summer 2012) im balls deep in your dad

Patricia Q. Bidar
(fall/winter 2020) Ties That Bind, P.O.V., Three Ways—A Triptych of Love and Its Imprint, It Is the Summer of Skylab, Patricia Q. Bidar’s Comments

Alan Black
(fall 2004) Five Photographs

Sharon Black
(fall/winter 2016) Know Thyself, Dwelling, Four Pathologies, Being, On Seeing Through You, Sharon Black’s Comments

Jeff Blechle
(winter 2005) Frito’s Last Play
(summer 2006) You Can’t Get Here from There

C.L. Bledsoe
(winter 2005) Moving, Must See, The Movies, C.L. Bledsoe’s Comments

William C. Blome
(fall/winter 2017) Stopped from Doing Carpentry, By Missing Philadelphia, What We Have Over There

Laurel Blossom
(winter 2004) Tropics N, The North Pole, Tropics S
(summer 2010) Anchorage, Moscow, Noumea, Laurel Blossom’s Comments
(spring 2014) The Invention of Loss

Jerrod E. Bohn
(fall 2013) Five Poems from Winter Gestations

Paula Bomer
(spring 2015) Cleveland Circle House

Z.Z. Boone
(fall 2009) Fat

(fall/winter 2018) Mr. Dragit
(spring/summer 2020) The Domovoi

Eric Bosse
(fall 2012) The Invisible World

Kelly Boyker
(summer 2011) Anatomy Lesson, Defenestration, The Double-Eyed Man, Naugahyde, Open Letter to the Developer of the X-Ray, Pillar Saint, Kelly Boyker’s Comments

Robert J. Bradley
(summer 2009) Nine Stories

(spring/summer 2018) The Whitening

Stella Brice
(summer 2008) At Night, Long Ago, Her Snaky Locks, Some Holes, Billy Underground, How Is God?, Stella Brice’s Comments

Gary Britson
(spring 2005) The Cold
(winter 2006) Riverbanking

Karen Britten
(fall 2011) The Miracle

Jai Britton
(winter 2007) Lucy of Eyes, The Garden of Tolerance and Truth, Gristle, Keraunophobia, A Runcible Spoon, Jai Britton’s Comments

Anthony Bromberg
(spring 2010) I Am Your Car

Randall Brown
(winter 2005) A Plane to Catch, Comfortable, Waiting for the Punch Line, Sucking Up the Sun, Toward the End Zone, Rabbit Head in Hand
(spring 2009) Eight Micros, What Is Microfiction? A debate between microfictionists Joseph Young and Randall Brown
(summer 2011) Agoraphobia, Eight Inches, Not Four, Here Goes, I Never Cried Again, Rain, Seriously

Terri Brown-Davidson
(fall 2004) Pre-Surgery: A Dream of Dead Dogs Lying Open-Mouthed by the Road, Epistemology (From the Perspective of Philosophy-School Dropout), When I Craved a Vision of Kahlo in the Bath, Dinosaur Bones: Forty-Six and Four, Madness, An Obsession with de Kooning, The Menopausal Recluse Courts the Ghosts of Good Will, The Neighbor’s Drawing, Terri Brown-Davidson’s Comments
(spring 2005) Dear Reader, I Love the Third Person, Dian Fossey Clasps Digit’s Hair, Brown-Davidson’s Self-Centered Poem(s), Washing Grapes with Mei Li, The Transitory Self Confronted with Ant Hills, A Minuscule Wedge of Zen Brain-Space, Pre-Six Feet Under: If I Never Sleep, To Be Conscious of the Self at the Exact Second It’s Released
(spring 2006) The Mind Body Problem
(spring 2008) This Primal Rapture: Five Poems
(summer 2011) Blue Notes, Dangerous, The Impulse Toward Formalism, Assaulted and Beaten Senseless by Poetry, The Yellow-Room Moment, Terri Brown-Davidson’s Comments

Emily Brungo
(spring 2006) Czech Slut Chic (Prague, July 1999), Groundhog Day (1994)/The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), Freeway Lanes

Daphne Buter
(spring 2004) I Think You Should Bury That Cadaver, Feeling Lonely, Watching a Machine, I’m So Glad I’m Not Jesus, I’ll Tell You What I See Outside My Window, Don’t Buy Me This Crap, Will You?, Daphne Buter’s Comments
(winter 2006) Five Photographs
(spring 2007) Take Good Care of the Girls. Adios!
(spring 2008) Blame It on the Bricks
(summer 2010) Hell Dogs
(winter 2013) Why Did You Visit the Zoo on a Day like This?
(spring 2015) The Redemption of 1975, We All Have Brain Cancer, Where Do You Think You’re Going?, Daphne Buter’s Comments
(fall/winter 2016) Shame on You, Bitch!, Daphne Buter’s Comments

Vadim Bystritski
(fall 2006) Bandiera Rossa, Gleb’s Story, The Last Leaf, Vadim Bystritski’s Comments

Gary Cadwallader
(summer 2003) A Perfect Love
(summer 2005) Tobias the Bruiser Grabs My Nickel, Those Men She Made Kings, The Meek

Mary Caldwell-Cane
(summer 2009) The Beginning of Over, the problem with virtual places, Ootheca, Mary Caldwell-Kane’s Comments

Jeffrey S. Callico
(spring 2005) Passage, The Training Room, Death Watch, The Ride

Lauren Camp
(spring/summer 2021) Estimated Arrival, How Can We Live Since Everything Will Certainly Change, Little Day of Resting, Lauren Camp’s Comments

Billy Cancel
(fall/winter 2016) that would be the trout’s ankles, to that clusterscrew take the ankle express, had eyes lke piss holes in the snow, swivel eyes declares, Billy Cancel’s Comments

Lara Candland
(spring 2010) a hoard of gems, globe—bashful—humming, the beetle’s ordination, the timbral flickers—, Lara Candland’s Comments

Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson
(spring 2010) Tide Pool
(winter 2009) A Start

Patrick Carrington
(fall 2006) Searching for Things to Worship, La Jolla, Inking the Road Again, The Essex

Jay Carson
(fall 2015) Eschatology, Baroque, Buzzz, SAT Questions, Quick Affiliator, Jay Carson’s Comments

Susan H. Case
(summer 2005) Da I Numeri (He Gives Numbers): The Proposal, Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days, Six Easy Steps, Crystallized, Couple at the Next Table, Susan H. Case’s Comments

Kevin Casey
(fall/winter 2017) Abandoned Bicycle, Clearing His Throat, Snowmobiling at Midnight, Birthday Postcard, Poverty, Kevin Casey’s Comments

Kevin Catalano
(spring 2014) The Ballad of Guerry Johns

Damian Caudill
(summer 2011) In Florida, A Mouthful, Naming It, In Which I Find Myself Reeling Somewhere Outside Parma, Ohio, Damian Caudill’s Comments

Luisa Caycedo-Kimura
(spring 2014) Cave, Windstorm, QQQ, Ozone, Oasis, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura’s Comments

Cheryl Chambers
(fall 2006) In My Defense, You, I Imagine Sandburg, and Me, Reading an Interview with Anita Desai
(spring 2008) The Keyhole, Snakes, The Thirteenth Light, When You Become a Forgotten King, Have You Made It This Far? Cheryl Chambers’ Comments

Ellen Champagne
(fall 2003) Absorbed

Jamez Chang
(winter 2013) Tonight, Rhoden Robbins Throws a Fit, Arm & Hammer, Impossible Joy, Good Guy with a Gun, Jamez Chang’s Comments

Kim Chinquee
(fall 2005) Ragged Clothes
(spring 2009) Eight Micros

Ava C. Cipri
(fall/winter 2017) Lydia, How I Came to This Place, Six Month Anniversary with Vermeer, Not That Woman, Thinking to Myself Post-Op at Father’s Bedside, Ava C. Cipri’s Comments

Dave Clapper
(spring 2005) Improbable Bodies, Spike. Resonance., Already Dead
(winter 2010) Law & Order: The Rapture
(fall/winter 2016) How Shame Shaped the American Presidential Election

Jai Clare
(fall 2005) Butterfly and Brittle Bones, too pristine, Limbo Hours
(fall 2006) More Moments of Sheer Joy

Adam McAlpine Clark
(fall 2014) I: Our Prophecies

William Clayton
(fall/winter 2020) Notes on a History

Michael Cohen
(fall/winter 2017) Fallout

Myfanwy Collins
(summer 2004) Four Times Crossed, Ascension, Dishes, Skunked, Weak
(spring 2007) Macaw, Infinity, Shame, Myfanwy Collins’s Comments
(spring 2011) Blood Clot

John Colvin
(summer 2006) Rock
(winter 2007) The Candy Tree

Michael Cooper
(spring 2012) The Love Boat, Andy’s Graffiti, Pink Lady, Sodium, Werewolves, Michael Cooper’s Comments

Thomas Cooper
(summer 2010) Storm Drain Bob

Lydia Copeland
(spring 2009) Nine Micros

Graham Coppin
(fall/winter 2016) Untold Love Story: To the man I never married because I chose shame instead, Graham Coppin’s Comments

Anthony R. Cordello
(spring/summer 2019) Diagnostics, B as in Boy, Facilities, Storage Organ, Exposed Ribs, Anthony R. Cordello’s Comments

Louie Crew
(summer 2004) Your Rich Chocolate
(winter 2007) Selected Gay Nursery Rhymes, Paradise in the Hood, Calling All Epic Seers, At the 25-Cent Movies, Louie Crew’s Comments
(winter 2009) Lula Gaines, 1905-82

Natalie Crick
(spring/summer 2017) Night Sky, Fire, The Lady and the Dandelion, Seascape, A Gift of Fruit, Natalie Crick’s Comments

Sara Crowley
(fall 2009) Ha Ha Bonk
(summer 2012) Life Is Time Consuming
(fall 2013) Back This Way


Roger D’Agostin
(fall/winter 2020) Rats

Barbara Daniels
(spring 2006) Television, 1995, Assorted Hurts, Running, Barbara Daniels’ Comments

Carl Miller Daniels
(winter 2006) blue carpet, faltering, too beautiful, pure pleasures, thematic musings, beautiful male flesh, captured, Carl Miller Daniels’ Comments

Nadine Darling
(spring 2007) Radio, Arm, Five
(spring 2014) Intervention, Rescue, 36
(fall 2015) An excerpt from She Came from Beyond

Donavon Davidson
(winter 2013) The Broom Closet, Scenes with a Black Cat, When the Lights Went Out, Donavon Davidson’s Comments

Jim Davis
(fall 2015) Red and Gold Ribbons, Sidewalk Closed, Spy in the Still Perfect Light, Lily of the Valley, To Capture Running Water in a Bucket, Jim Davis’s Comments

John Davis Jr.
(summer 2006) Where Our Tunnels Went, The Adolescent Litmus Test, Upon My Son’s Naptime, The Short End, To Jenny, Who Sold Me Her Lit. Book, John Davis Jr.’s Comments

Adam Day
(spring 2016) The Birthday Party, Elegy in Appalachian Kentucky, Nonsense Might Always Already Be Sense, The Third of October, Adam Day’s Comments

Lucille Lang Day
(winter 2006) Illusions, Two Honeymoons and a Movie, The Flooded Basement, Lucille Lang Day’s Comments
(spring 2012) Thinking of Barbara Rogers’ Paintings During the Storm, On Facebook, Abandoning Lilac, Elegant Toe, Climbing the Leaning Tower, Lucille Lang Day’s Comments

Neil de la Flor and Maureen Seaton
(summer 2010) The Ansonia Ghost, The Blood Prophet, The Boy in the Water, Flying Man, Mythomania, Neil de la Flor and Maureen Seaton’s Comments

Tara Deal
(summer 2007) Romance, Tourist Trap, Situation at the Coast, Tara Deal’s Comments

Cassandra de Alba
(fall 2012) City That Care Forgot, Going Home for Christmas, Traje de novia, Leaving New Hampshire, Cassandra de Alba’s Comments

Mark DeCarteret
(summer 2005) lazy poem, summerlove, mouthsum, original love, falling, Mark DeCarteret’s Comments

Terry DeHart
(summer 2005) On the Zac, Love Meal #3009, The Storm, Clear Cut

Sierra DeMulder
(winter 2012) The Genius: Five Poems

Emile DeWeaver
(spring 2015) Lights, Action, Where’s Waldo, Two Times Black, From the Valley of December to the U.S., Emile DeWeaver’s Comments

Matthew B. Dexter
(fall/winter 2016) Goodbye, Homer, The Night Grandma Guzzled Bong Water, Crawlspace, Matthew B. Dexter’s Comments

Salvatore Difalco
(spring/summer 2019) Waking the Devil, Large Anthropomorphic Canary, Ancient in Chicken Years, Salvatore Difalco’s Comments

Ryan Dilbert
(fall 2008) Anything Was Anything, Selling the Mini-Dolphins, Silverfish, Thailand, Treasure Island

Mary Ann Dimand
(fall/winter 2019) Darkness with the Bright, The Menu, Tasking, A Catalog of Heroes, Words of the Collector, Mary Ann Dimand’s Comments

Joe Donnelly
(spring/summer 2019) Damien, Man vs. Box, Old Dead Hips, Playing wiffle ball with the invisible man, Riffing with the dalai lama, Joe Donnelly’s Comments

William Doreski
(fall 2015) Quatrains for the First of May, A Field Guide Just for You, Carnage Incarnate, How Little Horsepower Required, Our Dark Side of the Mountain, William Doreski’s Comments

Danielle DuBois
(summer 2012) Tender Problems

Merridawn Duckler
(spring/summer 2019) Intern, Deep Woods, Run, Merridawn Duckler’s Comments

Monic Ductan
(summer 2013) Dreaming in Louisiana, Green Pepper Story, In Appreciation of Men's Hands, Monic Ductan’s Comments

Peggy Duffy
(winter 2005) Suspension

Gabe Durham
(spring 2010) Fun Camp: Eight Flashes

Alison Eastley
(summer 2004) Yellow Soap Signature, Yellow and Blue, 28, The Practice of Physiognomy, Horizon of the Sea, Epileptic Sour Herrings
(fall 2012) My Beautiful Sleeping Hermaphrodite: By Day and By Night

Stevie Edwards
(winter 2011) Poem for My First Cigarette, The Story of a Weathered Woman, Sleepwalking Through Another Morning Commute, The Best Clean, Before We Bed Down into Loves We Won’t Keep Long, What Love Must Mean to You, Father

Anne Elliott
(summer 2007) War

Craig English
(winter 2006) Chesapeake Fred

Phil Estes
(summer 2009) Dream about my future, after the big bomb planes of the spy army swarm the capitol, Belgium, Belgium, Kansas City (Elegy to John Belushi), Colts Fan, Phil Estes’s Comments
(winter 2010) Love Poem to Detective Megan Wheeler, Special Case Squad

LA EnoaraF
(a.k.a. Al Faraone)
Cover Art, Issue 1, Summer 2003; Cover Art, Issue 2, Fall 2003; Cover Art, Issue 3, Winter 2004; Cover Art, Issue 4, Spring 2004; Cover Art, Issue 5, Summer 2004; Cover Art, Issue 7, Winter 2005; Cover Art, Issue 8, Spring 2005; Cover Art, Issue 9, Summer 2005; Cover Art, Issue 10, Fall 2005; Cover Art, Issue 11, Winter 2006; Cover Art, Issue 12, Spring 2006; Cover Art, Issue 13, Summer 2006; Cover Art, Issue 14, Fall 2006; Cover Art, Issue 15, Winter 2007; Cover Art, Issue 16, Spring 2007; Cover Art, Issue 17, Summer 2007; Cover Art, Issue 18, Fall 2007; Cover Art, Issue 19, Winter 2008; Cover Art, Issue 20, Spring 2008; Cover Art, Issue 21, Summer 2008; Cover Art, Issue 22, Fall 2008; Cover Art, Issue 23, Winter 2009; Cover Art, Issue 24, Spring 2009; Cover Art, Issue 25, Summer 2009; Cover Art, Issue 26, Fall 2009; Cover Art, Issue 27, Winter 2010; Cover Art, Issue 28, Spring 2010; Cover Art, Issue 29, Spring 2010; Cover Art, Issue 30, Fall 2010; Cover Art, Issue 31, Winter 2010; Cover Art, Issue 32, Spring 2010; Cover Art, Issue 33, Summer 2011; Cover Art, Issue 34, Fall 2011

David Erlewine
(fall 2009) What I’d Say

Ali Eteraz
(fall 2011) A Dream: America 2060, Suicide Bomber on eBay, Forces of You

Vivian Eyre
(winter 2011) The Art of Becoming, What Follows, Late Interiors, The Sorry State of Paper Napkins, My Father’s Sketchbook, Vivian Eyre’s Comments

Adam Falkner
(spring 2012) The War in Baltimore, Jazz on Rue de la Huchette, Part II: The Day Michael Dies, Poem for the Lovers at Pickerel Lake

Katherine Fallon
(fall/winter 2020) South Philadelphia, 2003: Name Forgotten, PlanetOut Date, Asheville, NC, 2000: BJ, Refusal, Folly Beach, SC, 2001: Name Forgotten, PlanetOut Date, Laguna Beach, CA, 1999: Heather, Screen Name Sapient4, Winston-Salem, NC, 2000: Kegan, Positive, Here, 2019: Wingspan, Cup, Katherine Fallon’s Comments
(spring/summer 2021) Letters to Little Katie: Seven Poems

Kerry Faraone
(fall 2003) Photograph of George Washington Bridge

Sean Farragher
(spring 2005) Tsunami, No Milk and Cookies, Purgatory
(winter 2010) Serial Murder: Invisible Color Runs Its Race to Cops on the Job in NYC Poetry Reading Houses Above Fond Repute in 1975

Jennifer Finstrom
(summer 2013) Upper Peninsula Lumberjack: Andrew Finstrom, 1916, Caretaker, Twin Story, Cardiovascular Critical Care, University of Michigan Hospital, Jennifer Finstrom’s Comments

Kathy Fish
(summer 2004) Talking About Ernie Banks, The Lane Girls, Maidenhead to Oxford, Wren
(winter 2007) Wild Yellow Dog, Giant Red Fox, Coffee, Laundry, Dry Cleaners: A Conversation with a Child, A Monkey’s Wedding, Bread
(fall 2010) Blooms
(spring 2015) Pulse, Kathy Fish’s Comments
(fall/winter 2016) Possum, Kathy Fish’s Comments

Craig Fishbane
(spring/summer 2017) The Land of Smiles, Jack Kerouac Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, The New World

Erin Fitzgerald
(fall 2011) Signs and Symptoms, Wonder, The Right Thing to Do, Erin Fitzgerald’s Comments
(summer 2012) I Wish I Was Kidding

Matthew Fogarty
(fall 2013) Air Raid, Willow, Stealing Copper, Matthew Fogarty’s Comments

Heather Fowler
(winter 2006) Vivandiere’s Pass

Michael Fowler
(fall 2004) 18

Wendy J. Fox
(fall/winter 2020) The Center of the Circle

Jason Fraley
(fall 2006) A Letter Melodramatically Entitled Aftermath, Parable of Self-Discovery, I Heard About the End of the World in My Sunday School Class, A Room Full of Blind, Old Men, Rewriting Genesis, A Better View

Stefanie Freele
(summer 2008) The Space Between Two Sentences

Kim Freeman
(spring/summer 2017) Dandelion Seeds: The Legacy of Suicide

David Fromm
(summer 2003) Terrorist Network

Rebekah Frumkin
(fall 2006) The New Lincoln

David Gaffney
(summer 2006) Special Pudding

Lou Gaglia
(spring 2011) Private Eye
(fall 2013) About Beauty
(fall 2015) Not Even Close

Liz Gallagher
(spring 2007) Roots: Sold to an Unidentified Telephone Bidder, Breakfast Cereals, Picasso, and a Sexual Snap, The Wrong Miracle, An Agenda in a Green Zone

Daniel Gallik
(fall 2004) One Distressed Male and His Moods, My Wife’s Marriage Defined in Third Person?Hopefully Distorted, Happily Awake, and Honestly Exposed, “Das hat kein Goethe g’shrieben, das hat kein Schiller g’dicht...”, A Goodbye from a Large Fish, Head of John the Baptist, Incoherent, Ideational Phantasms, Man’s Duty to Suppress Disturbances, The Endemic Race of Man, The Noncomplicity of Language Leads to the Advent of Massive Episodes, Daniel Gallik’s Comments
(winter 2006) To Find Something Not There, The Iridescent Blue Body of Our World, The Continuous Horrible Spectacle, Daniel Gallik’s Comments
(summer 2010) A Bustling Metropolis, Linn & the Woman on the Phone Should Run for Office, Middle Class Poetic Lives, The Tumble of Images in a Paradym, Soaring, Daniel Gallik’s Comments

Martin Galvin
(fall 2005) Goat Farming at Flat Rock, High-Heeled Woman, An Irish Lasagna, Old Photograph, Immigrant with Flowers, Martin Galvin’s Comments
(fall 2007) Parentals, Summer Spikes, Gardener, Likenesses, Martin Galvin’s Comments
(winter 2012) Fingering a Way to Count, Mummers’ Day on Broad Street, Tattooed Med Student, Second Light at the Uffizi, Martin Galvin’s Comments

Faith Gardner
(winter 2013) Lucky Beneficiary

Chris Garson
(fall 2013) Sunshiney Day, Pulse, Let the Sky, Places to Stay for a While, Smile, Scott Garson’s Comments

Scott Garson
(spring 2008) Young Frankenstein, Diversion, Ditched, Scott Garson’s Comments
(spring 2009) Eight Micros
(summer 2012) Dejambonate

Clifford Garstang
(fall 2010) Last Lilacs

Tamie Gaudet
(winter 2007) A Lesson, Porch Swing, Inhale, Janice Cuts the Grass, Talk to Me, Tamie Gaudet’s Comments

Molly Gaudry
(summer 2009) by muscles of the upper limb—, by muscular system of the upper limb and its function—, Molly Gaudry’s Comments

Roxane Gay
(winter 2010) Law & Order: The Complete Series
(summer 2012) Very Lovely Ending

Matt Getty
(winter 2006) Whatever God Blesses Us With
(summer 2008) When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight
(winter 2012) Keeping Susie Whole
(fall 2014) A Translation from ‘The Chronicles of the Fingers of Your Left Hand’

Alicia Gifford
(summer 2007) Desilu, Three Cameras
(winter 2010) Ugly, Tasty, SVU
(summer 2011) Comedy Central
(fall 2014) Gravitas
(fall/winter 2016) 1966

Jennifer Gillespie
(fall 2004) Life Drawing, Pinwheel, Rubbing, Wild Earth, Jennifer Gillespie’s Comments

Steven Gillis
(summer 2005) Courting Jane

Elizabeth P. Glixman
(summer 2004) Questioned
(fall 2005) Bones, Ash, Pearls, Furry Boys, Henry, It Has To Do with Barrenness, Chocolate Circles, Skin, No Growth Hormones, The Rapture, I Ask for Stories, Circling, Ride to Slaughter
(winter 2007) Painted Stories from the Dutch
(spring 2010) Nolen’s Vegetable Garden: The Hand He Was Given, The Real Estate Lady, What Other People Think: Three Possibilities, She Talks About Her Goat in the Afterlife, The Death of a Roach, Elizabeth P. Glixman’s Comments
(fall 2011) Emergency Radios and Gauze, Can You Ever Have Enough?, The Man from TSA—Unrequited Love Did Not Stop Glenn Close, My Fish Is a Fan of Elwood P. Dowd, July 4th Past, The Inconvenience of Trash, Elizabeth P. Glixman’s Comments
(fall 2013) It’s Me—Rachel, The Lonely Life of a Computer Cat, These are the things nobody ever told me about my dentist, I Must Have Been a Dog (in another life)
(fall/winter 2016) Should I Report My Neigbor to the Thought Police?, I've Been Bookmarked, Never Would I Admit to Anything—Violence or Tenderness

Melissa Goode
(spring/summer 2018) More than food, Red, I will not show my love in turquoise, Melissa Goode’s Comments

Shane Graber
(spring 2010) Memorial, Classic, Souvenir, Save, Shane Graber’s Comments

Barry Graham
(winter 2009) A Perfect E Flat, Stalemate, Survival, Barry Graham’s Comments
(spring 2009) The Same Story: Nine Micros

Katrina Gray
(summer 2012) Ms. Bloom’s Day: A Twitter Stream of Consciousness

Richard Grayson
(summer 2004) The Boy Who Could Draw Dr. King
(summer 2005) Land of the Golden Giants

Brad Green
(winter 2011) Yet the Sea Is Not Full
(summer 2012) #DAMNED AND #SAVED

Meridith Gresher
(fall 2005) Eighty Eight, Under the Words, No Place Like Homme, With Each Day More, After the Cops, Long Live Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, The Double Yellow Lines, Meridith Gresher’s Comments
(fall 2006) The Narrator Finds then Leaves Helen with G. I. Joe, Helen of Troy Repeats the Past, Helen Pities Menelaus, The Narrator Explores Beauty in Movement, The Narrator Relates Helen to the Pleiades, The Narrator Listens to Cello Sonata No.2 in F Major, Op.99 by Johannes Brahms and Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser, The Narrator Hangs Out in a Bar (Pling), The Narrator Encounters Death, Helen Learned to Fish from Her Father, Meridith Gresher’s Comments

John Grey
(winter 2006) Troubled?, Exiled, College Town
(fall 2007) Tornado Talk, Flowers in Our Neighborhood, Soul Man, Rain Reasoning

Ivy Grimes
(fall/winter 2018) Man and Fox, The Duck Daughter, The Lynx Who Sees Us, The Bear and the Nightingale, Rabbits of the Earth and Moon, Ivy Grimes’ Comments

Susan Grimm
(spring 2007) You Will Know Them by Their Signs, Against the Beloved as Wisp, Memorial

Allison Constance Gulker
(spring/summer 2021) The Death of Streaming

Elaine Gulker (a.k.a. Al Faraone)
(winter 2010) Episode Thirty-Three

Lydia Copeland Gwyn
(fall 2015) Cartwheel, Appalachian Dharma, Mutual Dreaming, Summer’s Work, Dinosaurs, Lydia Copeland Gwyn’s Comments
(fall/winter 2016) Solar Eclipse


Khanh Ha
(fall/winter 2020) Love Is a Souvenir

Meredith Davies Hadaway
(fall/winter 2017) Ten, Via Marechiaro, Miles Away, Lightning, Meredith Davies Hadaway’s Comments

Taylor Hagood
(fall/winter 2016) Sacrifices in a Red State

Jake Hajer
(summer 2009) Sweaty Puppet, Vaquero and Hustler, A Season to Remember, Fawning,Hell’s Fall Festival,Jake Hajer’s Comments

Jenny Halper
(fall 2009) The Smallest One, The Hour of Indetermination, Arlene and Isaline, Jenny Halper’s Comments

William Reese Hamilton
(spring 2011) Sans Merci

Judd Hampton
(fall 2004) Some of Them Involve Rope

Steve Hansen
(spring 2004) What God Has Made Crooked

Brian Hardie
(summer 2005) Eating Raw Bread with a Mammoth, Attracting Worms on July Something—

Season Harper-Fox
(fall 2007) Me and Marilyn, Tripping in Lincoln, Snakes in the Material, Season Harper-Fox’s Comments

Matthew Harrison
(summer 2013) Fire, Health, Now Open Shades

S.A. Hartwich
(fall/winter 2019) Personhood

Chris Haven
(spring/summer 2019) Terrible Emmanuel Shoots a Morning Round of Golf, Terrible Emmanuel Renews a Library Book, Terrible Emmanuel Possesses a Guy, The Burial of Emmanuel, The Circumference of Emmanuel, Chris Haven’s Comments

Kristen Havens
(spring 2003) Benediction, Paranoia, Procrastination, Anger, and Insomnia

Lois Beebe Hayna
(fall 2010) The Presence of Absence, To Be Continued, Hex, October Music, Lois Beebe Hayna’s Comments

Martin Heavisides
(fall 2009) Moments of Truth: Poems

Allison Heim
(winter 2005) But Love has pitched his mansion in the place of excrement, Trash Day in L.A., Between Weeds

Lauren Henley
(spring 2011) The Finding: Eight Poems

M Ross Henry
(spring 2015) Death by Scaphism, Spoils, Huffing, Thoracopagus, Flesh and Seed, M Ross Henry’s Comments

Donora Hillard
(summer 2010) Champ, Economy, Sizing Up the Vagabond, The Night Before the Wedding, Donora Hillard’s Comments

John Oliver Hodges
(fall 2008) The Author’s Wife, The Ice Across the Trail, Icon in Green, Kaagwaataan Colleague, Scree, John Oliver Hodges’ Comments

Crystal J. Hoffman
(winter 2009) Aubade, Because It’s October, and Rivers Don’t Freeze, Hey, you lookin’? The crack-head on Libery and Taylor, With my own eyes, I saw the Sybil hanging in a cage, Crystal J. Hoffman’s Comments

Lynn Hoggard
(fall 2014) Magna Mater, Specter, Her Voice, Lynn Hoggard’s Comments

Tiff Holland
(winter 2009) Cracker Jack, Percale, Two Handed, Tiff Holland’s Comments
(spring 2009) Nine Micros
(winter 2011) Homing, Snow Globe, Dial-a-Date, Tiff Holland’s Comments
(winter 2013) Temporary Membership
(fall 2015) Spotted, Paradise with Jets, Day 122, Tiff Holland’s Comments
(spring/summer 2017 Clockwise, Reflex, Rhubarb, Tiff Holland’s Comments

Jessica Hollander
(summer 2010) Staring Contests

Katherine Holmes
(summer 2006) The Idea of Permanence
(summer 2008) Nyneve, Pulp, The summoning, Triassic atonal, Twisted tree, Katherine Holmes’ Comments

Paul Hostovsky
(spring 2005) Riddle, Mnemonics, Stamina, Massage Parlor, Greenhouse, Paul Hostovsky’s Comments
(spring 2006) Fit Punishment, Woman with Chrysanthemum (Degas), Different People, My Letter to the Parking Clerk, Paul Hostovsky’s Comments
(spring 2007) Woo, Torso, Travelogue, Happiness, Evil, Paul Hostovsky’s Comments
(winter 2008) Locust, Naughtons’s Quarters, Postmortem, Paul Hostovsky’s Comments
(winter 2012) Beauty Remains Beside the Point, Why It Hurts So Much, Other People’s Pain, Why the Music Makes Us Cry, A Woman Taking Off Her Shirt

Dave Housley
(spring 2006) Fight Club Club

Jennifer A. Howard
(spring/summer 2017) Flat Stanley Crime Stories

Brian Howell
(winter 2004) The Sound of White Ants
(fall 2005) Disappearing

Amorak Huey
(winter 2013) Blind Buck Williams’ Last Meal at Parchman Farm, The Older Brother’s Guide to Cheating at Monopoly, Six Years in Sudbury, Ontario, Trickster Sings the Blues, Whiskey Blues, Amorak Huey’s Comments

Zebulon Huset
(spring/summer 2020) In my dream I confuse two nature programs, The Moths Have Moved On, Everything We Know Is Skin Soup, Coastline Paradox, Zebulon Huset’s Comments

Justin Hyde
(fall 2007) if i were a woman, little park around the block from my house, it didn’t work out, reading war of the worlds to my son, our own assess to the fire trump morals every time, Justin Hyde’s Comments
(summer 2013) brain chew brain, dancing sacks of fleash, saturday afternoon, ’tis the season

Margaret B. Ingraham
(fall 2011) To Paint the Purple Finch, Another Special Relativity, Keeping Silence

Alexandra Isacson
(summer 2009) Sittings, Suspended Animation, The Dead Syphilitics’ Society, Vincent,Lascaux,Naked Religion, Alexandra Isacson’s Comments

Samia Islam
(fall 2006) To be continued, The night crawlers, I also burn, Dreaming sea, River, Deluge

Marty D. Ison
(fall 2003) La Vie

Beverly A. Jackson
(fall 2008) To Be Water, I am moonlight walking, Night Train to Vancouver, Penumbra, Deconstruction, Beverly A. Jackson’s Comments
(fall/winter 2016) Flat on My Face

Christopher James
(fall/winter 2016) Neck

Anna Lea Jancewicz
(spring 2016) The Womanly Art of Drag Racing

Jessie Janeshek
(fall 2015) Hex Suck/Wolves Too, I Used to Be Pleased, What Does It Mean to Pull Away and Sustain?, Time Seems the Chasm. I Break the Glass., Every Step’s Ceramic, Jessie Janeshek’s Comments
(fall/winter 2016) Differentiated Superstition, It Could Be a Hoarse Exaggeration, Close-up Nocturnal, Jessie Janeshek’s Comments

Jac Jemc
(spring 2010)
Madness Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results

Richard Jespers
(summer 2006) Snarked

Liesl Jobson
(winter 2004) Arms and Wings
(spring 2004) Journal of a Premmie
(winter 2008) Vessel, The Corner of My Eye …, Idioms

Kima Jones
(summer 2012) The Dissection

Tim Jones-Yelvington
(winter 2010) Law & Order: Viewers Like Us (An Episode Guide)

Drew Kalbach
(summer 2009) Her Haunted Lake, That Place Where Legs Meet Torso, Kidnapping Comma Birthdays, Living in the Medicine Cabinet,Drew Kalbach’s Comments

Stephanie Kallos
(fall 2003) The Failure of Therapy

Mary Kane
(spring/summer 2019) The Problem, Not Nude, Not Descending a Staircase, No. 2, The Coat, Mary Kane’s Comments
(spring/summer 2021) The Reasons, Lamp, Writing Class, Mary Kane’s Comments

Ryan Kamstra
(summer 2003) The Objects

Paul Kavanagh
(winter 2006) Ships

Charles Kell
(fall/winter 2016) False Requiem, Daguerreotype, Nursing Home

Lucinda Kempe
(fall/winter 2016) Sorties

Kit Kennedy
(summer 2006) Hand Basket, In a Dream Yesterday These Are the Words, Pearscape, I Used to Think, A Valediction: Let Us Not End on the Sinister

Sharon Kennedy-Nolle
(fall/winter 2018) The Apple Parable, Also Wishing I Could Have Saved the Maple, Another Little Bastard, Safekeeping, Bins, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle’s Comments

Zin Kenter
(fall 2010) The Man with the Nose in His Living Room, Harold, Doodle, Zin Kenter’s Comments

Timothy Kercher
(fall 2010) Breaking Up, The Dung Pile, Winter Gudauri, Republic of Georgia, The Kiss, My Right Shoe, Timothy Kercher’s Comments

Roy Kesey
(spring 2014) Stump

Imran Boe Khan
(fall/winter 2019) They say looks aren’t everything, but they’re wrong, For the version of us we could live with, So what will the world drag into daylight now?, Imran Boe Khan’s Comments

A.S. King
(winter 2008) Leroy Can Tell You When

Laurence Klavan
(winter 2013) The Core

Iskandar Kley
(summer 2004) Photograph 1, Photograph 2, Photograph 3, Photograph 4, Photograph 5

(spring 2014) Cheney, The Early Bird Catches the World, Two for a Guy I Used to See Around, “My Little Rocket-in-the-Pocket Operas of Escape”, Montreal by Moonlight, klipschutz’s Comments

Caroline Klocksiem
(summer 2013) Flying things, Straight lines like a stab, Birth poem: feverland, Birth poem: field, The way a farmer ties a dead mother’s skin to another mother’s body, Caroline Klocksiem’s Comments

Nance Knauer
(summer 2004) Johnny, Luce & Johnny, Otter, Perfect, Shelley
(spring 2007) How They Talk

Andrea Kneeland
(spring 2011) Berrigan Translations: Four Poems

Rudy Koshar
(fall/winter 2018) By Much Slothfulness

Miriam N. Kotzin
(winter 2005) Adumbration, Fishwife, Second Nature, Miriam N. Kotzin’s Comments
(summer 2011) The Listener, Miriam N. Kotzin’s Comments

Christopher Kuhl
(fall/winter 2018) Two Songs of the Sea, Storm Season, Sequence, Indiana Mid-November, Wild Geese, Somewhere by the Sea, Aubade, Christopher Kuhl’s Comments

Charles Lambert
(fall 2004) Nipples

Louie Land
(fall 2013) I dreamed the ocean froze solid: Five Poems

Jeff Landon
(winter 2005) Castanets, Catholic Girls
(fall 2007) Al Green
(winter 2011) Nobody Like You: Six Stories, Crush: Four Stories, Jeff Landon’s Comments
(fall/winter 2017) Shag

Tara Laskowski
(winter 2012) The Etiquette of Infertility

Law & Order Issue
(winter 2010) The entire issue is here!

Marcia LeBeau
(spring 2016) This Ain’t No Mad Men Pencil-Skirt World, Ash Wednesday, The Inadequacy of Poetry Readings, The Lost Yeses, Marcia LeBeau’s Comments

Delphine Lecompte
(summer 2004) i marvel at your quiff, the night before maff’s suicide, maff’s dead, for the cunt who spawned me, Dear Noel

Tanner Lee
(spring/summer 2017) Sunday Afternoon, Sanity, To the Woman Sitting on the Front Steps, To the Dying Texan in Me

Charles Leggett
(fall 2014) Ginsberg, But Now I’ve Gone, After Hours, Charles Leggett’s Comments
(fall 2015) Hard Listening: Lines of Questioning, Hard Listening: The New Year, Last Call, Charles Leggett’s Comments

Charles Lennox
(summer 2009) Hyena Ha Ha, Touching the Spine, Pups, The Burning People, One Day a Lion, Charles Lennox’s Comments

Michael Leone
(spring 2008) Out of the Valley

Nathan Leslie
(spring 2006) Tart

Keith Lesmeister
(spring/summer 2018) Fargo

Anthony Liccione
(fall 2006) The Means of Life, from an Apple, At Gunpoint, U-Turn, On the Run, Spoon and Fork, Anthony Liccione’s Comments

Lyn Lifshin
(summer 2004) First Day of School, Going to the Catholic School, Sitting in the Brown Chair with Let’s Pretend on the Radio, Nights It Was Too Hot to Stay in the Apartment, Some Afternoons When Nobody Was Fighting, September 28, 1999
(fall 2009) The Cousin’s Party, Estelle, Star Stones, I Think of My Grandfather, If My Grandmother Could Have Written a Postcard to the Sister Left Behind, Photograph, My Father Tells Us About Leaving Vilnius, Lyn Lifshin’s Comments

James Lineberger
(summer 2005) go figure, i’d like to fit you into this, i never wanted to chase butterflies, the circling years, James Lineberger’s Comments

Mark Lipowicz
(fall 2005) Baby That’s Great You Barely Scratched It, Compass, Dolly@, Live Forever and Worry, Mark Lipowicz’s Comments

Iris Litt
(fall/winter 2018) Love Song While Shopping, Now the Scientists Say:, Proud, Full and Evergreen, The Handyman, To a Married Lover, Iris Litt’s Comments

Kirsty Logan
(spring 2011) Love Riot: A Manual

David Lohrey
(spring/summer 2017) Holy Smoke, Confessions of a Bad Driver, Evolution of Grief, David Lohrey’s Comments

Justin Long-Moton
(spring 2012) Brew, Dodging Traffic, Sometimes all it takes is FAITH, Wombs Bloom

Julien Longo
(spring 2006) First Love, Holy Mother, Wanting, Finding God

Robert Lopez
(spring 2006) Herculaneum, Man on a Train with Flowers, Full Frontal Nudity

Wulf Losee
(fall 2014) The Oleanders, Crossing Dumbarton Bridge, The Swan in the Hedge, On the True Nature of Sadness, Wulf Losee’s Comments

Sean Lovelace
(fall/winter 2016) Letters to William Harrison, Sean Lovelace’s Comments
(spring/summer 2021) Ars Poetica #100: I Believe by Elizabeth Alexander

Kelly Luce
(winter 2013) Another Night Drive, Enterprise, Outside Joshua Tree, Walking with Jun, North Rim Love Song, Kelly Luce’s Comments

Wenonah Lyon
(summer 2003) Happy Birthday

P.H. Madore
(summer 2007) Another Fallen Fall Day, Dust Waiting to Happen, Dear Dad, P.H. Madore’s Comments
(fall 2015) Home Free: America from the Outside Looking In

Kim Magowan
(fall/winter 2019) Fromage, The Spoon, Dear Dave, Kim Magowan’s Comments

Dennis Mahagin
(summer 2003) Billy, Ray, and Melvin Have Their Say
(spring 2004)
The Heart Is a Breeze-Blown Pussy Willow
(fall 2005) Things the Apprentice Poet Saw Shortly After Shoving the Peyote Button as Far Up His Rectum as It Would Possibly Go, Now See, Herr Doktor, O.J. and Robert Blake Backslap Like Crack-Addled Rappers on the Quay of Scenic Ponchartrain Lake, Ron Popeil Would Like to Suck Out All Your Juicy Bone Marrow with His Jaundiced Barnabus Collins Incisors, I Predict These Very Words Will Appear to Me in the Future as Quite Trite, Cloying, and in Fact Maddeningly Amorphous, It Ain’t Berklee College of Music, But You Can Max Out Student Loans Here—and Get Friggy with the Skin-Chilling Drum Circles, Dennis Mahagin’s Comments
(winter 2007) Ghazal of the Sucking Chest Wound, Ghazal of Mass Destruction, Ghazal of the C-4 and 72 Afterlife Whores, Colorful Ghazal Scrawled on an Electroshock Toilet Stall at Abu Ghraib Prison, Ghazal of the Disembodied, Dennis Mahagin’s Comments
(winter 2008) Can Somebody Please Clean the KY Off Q’s EKG?, Quenapril’s 24-Hour Bug, Dennis Mahagin’s Comments
(winter 2009) Bi-Polar Pomade Villanelle, Michael Stipe Is a Gus Hansen Look-Alike with Unfortunate Facial Staphylococcus , Sonnets of Propinquity , Quenapril’s Living Will , Dennis Mahagin”s Comments
(winter 2010) Waterston Makes a Mental Note to Dock the Incorporeal Bailiff , Fred Thompson Is the True Anti Muse with Portable Klieg Lights from Hades, The 23 Anaphylactic Perforations of D’Onofrio, Lennie Briscoe Is Clocking You, That Major Scale Crime Theme You’ve Been Humming All Along Is Really a Love Song, Detective Hargitay Gets an Earful of Her Favorite Psychological Profiler, Drunk Dialing on Speed, Dennis Mahagin's Comments
(fall/winter 2016) Tripping w/Mickey Drive-Thru, Dennis Mahagin’s Comments

Ravi Mangla
(winter 2009)
Breaking News, Flemish Art, Please Mail This In with Your Warranty, Ravi Mangla’s Comments
(summer 2012) But Enough About Me

Kuzhali Manickavel
(summer 2008) The Sugargun Fairy

(winter 2010) Notes Made in Connection with the Disappearance of a Boy Outside the Tropicool Icy-Land Urban Indian Slum as Investigated by the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Kea Marie
(fall 2011) The Pit

Mike Markel
(fall 2005) The Apology

Jennifer Martelli
(fall/winter 2016) Tampon, Gold Bug Bagatelle, Pomona Street, Poison Cream, Jennifer Martelli’s Comments

Nicholas Martino
(spring/summer 2017) Long Lane Farm, Lean In, To Gil

Stephen Massimilla
(winter 2011) In Pieces, Cynewulf Beneath the Hemlock Trees, Cathedral, Frank Dark, Southern Undertow, Stephen Massimilla’s Comments

David McAleavey
(winter 2013) The cure, Friday night dinner and a movie, My love is as, Parasols and parasailing, Penguins are rare, David McAleavey’s Comments

Laura McCullough
(fall 2010) When I Was Growing Up, And Some Join the Military, My Daughter Lost Her First Tooth Today, Laura McCullough’s Comments

Rusty McGee
(summer 2012) Observations of a Very English Nature in This Jubilee Year

Rachel McKibbens
(spring 2010) Faith, The Doghouse, Tomatoes and Daffodils, Rachel McKibbens’ Comments
(fall 2008) CitySights, The Lovers, in Bed, May Day, 1947, Pushing Daisies, The Widower, Rachel McKibbens’ Comments

Mark McLaren
(spring 2008) Typical Soup and Toes: Four Stories

Ross McMeekin
(winter 2012) Before the Thaw

Robert Aquinas McNally
(spring 2014) Distant Relation, Their Joining, The Lads, Beholding a Fourteenth-Century Plutarch in the Long Room, Trinity College, Dublin

Bruce McRae
(spring 2014) Banished, Gleeful, Think About It, A World Away

Michael McWey
(spring 2007) Sympathy

Jay Merill
(spring/summer 2020) Falling, Rising

Michael Meyerhofer
(spring/summer 2017) New Year’s Eve, 2016, After the Election, Literacy, Michael Meyerhofer’s Comments
(spring/summer 2019) When the World Will End, Cremation, Why Don’t You Dry Off After You Shower?, Flight Safety Instructions, Washroom Lamentation, Michael Meyerhofer’s Comments
(fall/winter 2020) Watch Dogs, 390 B.C., Marriage Proposal, Coping Mechanism, If Couches Had Sphincters, Nothing Puckers into Nothing, Michael Meyerhofer’s Comments

Jalina Mhyana
(spring 2007) Likenesses, Walking in Tokyo, Our Pitcher Plant, Church in Basic Training, What Age Brings

Jen Michalski
(spring/summer 2020) The Company of Strangers

Microfiction Issue
(spring 2009) The entire issue is here!

Billy Middleton
(summer 2010) Trolls

Jennifer Miller
(fall 2003) Love Poem Number 2: Catch, Love Poem Number 3: Trial , Love Poem Number 5: Frame, Love Poem Number 6: Ambrosia with My Rice, Please, Love Poem Number 9: The Grotesque Womb: Empty

Mary Miller
(fall 2006) A Game of Pool, Hunger, Boyfriend, Dislocation, Debutante, Mary Miller’s Comments
(winter 2009) Every Day, Los Angeles, Tilted, Mary Miller’s Comments
(spring 2009) Six Micros

Sue Miller
(winter 2008) Forbidden Salad, Limit, Peace, Listen, Sue Miller’s Comments

John Minichillo
(fall 2010) In Thirty Minutes or It’s Free
(summer 2012) Everything Tastes better from a Star Wars Lunchbox

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
(fall 2004) Wasted Vacations, On the Wind, a Lullaby, Hush Child Shhh, The Weight of Them, Lesson
(winter 2006) More Like Her, The Story of My Life So Far

David Mohan
(summer 2013) Date Night, The Satellite Town, Runaway

George Moore
(fall 2009) I Am Impossibly Accidental, Anniversaries in April, Children’s Drawings of the Universe, From a Short Distance, George Moore’s Comments

Matt Morris
(fall/winter 2019) For Lillian, Whoever She Is, An Old Man in Gray, Every Time You Lose, License to Kill Hope, History of Nothing, No Psychiatry, Matt Morris’s Comments

Dave Morrison
(winter 2006) QuickieMart, Eighteen and Pretty, Every Picture Tells Story, Toby, Dave Morrison’s Comments

P.L. Mosher
(fall 2005) Fishing, This Time, Car Wreck, Saint Death, A Beautiful Boy, P.L. Mosher’s Comments

Gary Moshimer
(winter 2012) Lifeline
(summer 2013) Wig, Division, Sundays
(spring 2014) Shirt, Cheese, Seafarer
(fall/winter 2018) Birdy
(fall/winter 2019) Bird in Tree
(fall/winter 2020) Shining Star, Run, Sleepers, Gary Moshimer’s Comments

Thylias Moss
(spring 2008) Bubble Carver, Bubble Me, Cogs in the Glass Machine, Thylias Moss’s Comments

Sumanta Mukherjee
(spring 2006) Hardwar (photograph)

Sean Patrick Mulroy
(spring 2012) fishing, Hermes opens up, something I said, the warsaw zoo in time of war, wight, Sean Patrick Mulroy’s Comments

Rich Murphy
(summer 2006) Assimilating Astronomers, Genesis, Bog Gob, The Hunchback’s Rhythm, Rich Murphy’s Comments

Kristine Ong Muslim
(spring 2008) The Secret Elements of Sleep, Fishermen at Paradise Cocktail Resort, 1997, One afternoon, after the storm, Some New House

John Myers
(fall 2010) Administration, The Love Poem., Cider Wise, Eyebrows Don furls., Wherein be as marigolds,, Wherein I redact my love poem.

Kate Nacy
(summer 2013) Sometimes They Hide in the Bush

Nora Nadjarian
(spring/summer 2021) Doors, In Case of Emergency, Break Glass, The Music of the Spheres, Strawberry Jam, Nora Nadjarian’s Comments

Stefani Nellen
(summer 2007) My Brother, My Father, Metaphors; or: A Headless Rat, Wrinkled Eyelid, Stefani Nellen’s Comments

Lorrie Ness
(fall/winter 2019) Why I Sing, Why I Lay Hands, Mirror Images, Lorrie Ness’s Comments

Melissa Newman-Evans
(fall 2015) This Is My Poem About Staving Off Eventual Death., How to Bake Bread in America, Hey Mama Where’d You Get That Ass, Melissa Newman-Evans’s Comments

Shayn Nicely
(winter 2008) a bag a bone a house of dust, Daphne’s Body in Rupert’s Bathroom, The Ona-Noa

Katie Nickas
(spring/summer 2019) Yearbook Photo

Alec Niedenthal
(spring 2010) Dawn Jean Crawford, How to Be a Good Mother to Me, Father Goes to Work, Father Speaks, Gun, Alec Niedenthal’s Comments

Athena Nilssen
(fall 2012) Dream while sick 5 pm on a Saturday, My brains on the floor, Child in the Backseat of Ford Taurus, blackblue bird head with such alert eyes, Oh Leary, nothing’s so dreary as a garden without orange sunshine. Athena Nilssen’s Comments

Dan Nowak
(fall 2005) I’ll Take SuperFriends Any Day, Promoting World Peace, Borroughs at Midnight, Giving Directions, Dan Nowak’s Comments

S. Ramos O’Briant
(summer 2004) Of Nuns and the Demimonde

Maurice Oliver
(winter 2005) Feel Connected, “Head Injury” Sonnet, “Lick-On Visions” Sonnet, “Since You Asked” Sonnet, Morning Eats Its Hinges, Nice Pants, Plainly Wrapped, Same Feeling, But Mine, Try This Scenario, Wish Granted, Maurice Oliver’s Comments
(summer 2007) Beauty vs. Bedsores, Utopia, Lip-Synching the Words, Howl. Yell. Scream. Or Whimper., A Comic Strip Just Out of Rehab, A Documentary Unraveled by Butterflies, Maurice Oliver’s Comments
(spring 2011) With Zeroes After It, & Discontent’s Breath, Ballerina-Themed, Inquisitive.Introspective.But Lacking Crawlspace, A Fancier Labrador Pasta, With Egret Feather in My Apology, Maurice Oliver’s Comments

Stephen Oliver
(spring 2005) Credo, The Heart’s Enclosure, Eastern Seaboard, October 1

Thomas O’Malley
(summer 2005) The Road to Emain

Suzanne Ondrus
(winter 2009) Fruit Withheld, Fully Colored Green, On Stage, Scratching Back, Self Possession, Seven Yesterdays and Todays, A Significant Reason, A Single Breath, Suzanne Ondrus’s Comments

Emily O’Neill
(fall 2012) Caught in Bruce’s Mouth, March Fourth, vagrant magic, Flung, Phone Call with the North End, Emily O’Neill’s Comments

Valerie O’Riordan
(winter 2013) Turbulence, An Owl with Hands, The Man in the Keith Moon T-Shirt, Valerie O’Riordan’s Comments

Gabriel Orgrease
(spring 2005) Chernobyl Breathes Through Us, The Making of “Chernobyl Breathes Through Us,” Gabriel Orgrease’s Comments
(spring 2008) Hypnotism of Animals

Sergio Ortiz
(spring/summer 2017) Rain and Toothless Angels, Amazing Microcosm, Sergio Ortiz’s Comments

Salvatore Pane
(winter 2011) Man of Ego, Man of Hubris, Save Us from the Sun
(summer 2012) Carmelo Anthony

Cami Park
(summer 2006) Mountain Country, The Oddest Thing Ever Found in a Pocket, The Fable of the Fox and the Grapes

Bobby Parker
(fall 2010) Snot, Sparks, Toys, Fire, Bobby Parker’s Comments
(winter 2012) Dropping the C-Bomb on Jesus, Winston Churchill with Tatty Shoes, God’s Finger, Brian Wilson, Bobby Parker’s Comments

Ellen Parker
(summer 2003) Excerpts from a Google search for the word “Frigg”

Patricia Parkinson
(fall 2007) Grief Counseling, The Monkey Tree, Horseshoes, Patrica Parkinson’s Comments
(spring 2015) The Night Before the Last Night of the Year, Tiny Red Fish, Giggly Girls, Patricia Parkinson’s Comments

Kim Parko
(spring 2009) Six Micros

J Pascutazz
(spring/summer 2020) Brunch with the Gorgon, The Mother of All Water, The White Vampires, Magical Girl Transformation(s), J Pascutazz’s Comments

E. Martin Pedersen
(spring 2014) Camping with Charlie, Being Chased, Am I breathing gas?, Surprised by joy, impatient, I AM THE URGE to sign my name

Gary Percesepe
(spring/summer 2020) Here, New Year, Conversation, Gary Percesepe’s Comments

Simon Perchik
(spring 2006) There are vines and this bowl, I must fast and this cup, This watchband kept alive
(summer 2008) Six Poems
(fall 2010) Six Poems
(fall 2011) Six Poems
(winter 2013) Five Poems
(summer 2013) Five Poems, Simon Perchik’s Comments
(fall 2014) Five Poems
(fall 2015) Five Poems
(fall/winter 2017) Five Poems
(spring/summer 2019) Five Poems
(spring/summer 2021) Five Poems

Angela J. Perry
(fall 2006) Kitty, Don’t Shoot, Love Is in the Eye of the Besotted, Loving Larceny, I Think I Left My Nightie on Ninth Street, Half a Banana Tuna Later

G.C. Perry
(spring 2005) Chell & Me

Betty Pesetsky
(fall/winter 2016) Water, Bye, Betty Pesetsky’s Comments

Gail Peterson
(fall 2011) Facing Backward, As If Anybody Still Looks Up, Get Out the Ladder, Mercy, Black Angels in Nikes, Gail Peterson’s Comments

Elizabeth Pettie
(fall 2015) Scream for Me, Hideout for Lost Boys, How We Part, Elizabeth Pettie’s Comments

Jennifer Pieroni
(winter 2009) Amnesia Didn’t Come to Her, What Are You?, In the Woods in Conway
(spring 2009) Five Micros

Richey Piiparinen
(fall 2008) Whistling in Caves
(summer 2009) Four Stories

Maria Pinto
(spring/summer 2017) The Egg Before It’s Broken

Thomas Plain
(summer 2007) George Runk

Kenneth Pobo
(fall 2009) Poof!

Meg Pokrass
(summer 2008) Empty Shell, Irina’s Hair Shop, Screenplays, The DSL Guy, Meg Pokrass’s Comments
(spring 2009) Ten Micros

Vincent Poturica
(spring 2014) Banana Blade

Shelagh Power-Chopra
(fall 2011) Shock-Headed Peter, The Story of Cruel Peter, The Dreadful Story of Harriet and the Matches, The Story of the Inky Boys, The Story of the Man That Went Out Shooting, The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb, The Story of Augustus, Who Would Not Have Any Soup, The Story of Fidgety Philip, The Story of Johnny Head-in-Air, The Story of Flying Robert, Shelagh Power-Chopra’s Comments

Ken Poyner
(fall 2010) The End of Achievement, Anniversary, Anticipation, Democracy, Ken Poyner’s Comments
(spring 2011) The Gatherer of Children, The Good Marriage, The History of Marriage, The Princess, The Wedding Present, Ken Poyner’s Comments
(spring/summer 2020) Advertising Ploy, Bedtime Fright, Fighting Words, The Limit, Ken Poyner’s Comments

Jason Primm
(spring/summer 2018) Teeth

Alex Pruteanu
(fall 2012) (“Surviving Winter in Copenhagen”), Incident Outside Novi Sad, The Osseous Tissue of Fish, Two Poems and One Song, How to Safeguard a House Key, They Drank Water Out of Jars, Where the Microphone Is Hidden

Jayne Pupek
(winter 2010) Lost Between Houses, Hitchhiker on Route 231, True Crime, Dolls and Sparrows, Church Hill, 1987, Jayne Pupek’s Comments

Misti Rainwater-Lites
(spring 2011) $5.25 an Hour, Neglect, Between Talequah & West Hollywood, Misti Rainwater-Lites’ Comments

Sam Rasnake
(summer 2010) The Artist Alone, Dinner with Wong Kar-Wai, Masterplot, Michael Powell’s Women, “Which side are you on …”, Sam Rasnake’s Comments
(fall 2013) Notes for a Life. In a Swing. No Wind to Speak of., Something to forget, Lost Elegy for Hank Quinlan, Archetypes of Will, Bathroom Pieces with Miles David Quintet, Sam Rasnake’s Comments
(fall/winter 2016) A view of the pines, near Pisa, Acceptance Must Be the Highest Art, [Morning is a redheaded woodpecker], For the kid who fell down the stairs …, Maybe (a sonnet from the other side), Sam Rasnake’s Comments
(fall/winter 2020) Not Standing in the Same River Twice, Wake Up, Unassuming Almost Sonnet, Spring 2020, A Picture’s Worth, Mirror, Handheld, Sam Rasnake’s Comments

Tim Raymond
(winter 2011) One, Two, Three Jokes
(spring 2016) June
(fall/winter 2017) The Lucky Ones

Mary Lynn Reed
(winter 2007) Talking Sponge, Fever, How It Began
(fall/winter 2016) Betray Is a Verb
(fall/winter 2017) Disturbance in the Vicinity of Maple and Vine, This Is Not a Sad Story, End of the Line

A.E. Reiff
(summer 2009) The Dame of Guapa Pop

(fall 2012) Hamogamous Johnny, Oracle Binding, Psimith, Cogwheels, El Señor de los Afligidos, A.E. Reiff’s Comments
(spring/summer 2021) Doll Shop, Talk, The Sound of Light, A.E. Reiff’s Comments

Christine Reilly
(fall 2011) Cities for Hands, Vernal Equinox and Autumnal Equinox Fall in Love, Coping, March 31, 2011, Christine Reilly’s Comments

Brian Reynolds
(fall 2005) Six Sunrises, The Medicine Line, Blood, Brian Reynolds’ Comments
(spring 2007) Photographs of Watikwan as a Child

Ellen Rhudy
(fall/winter 2019) Why Did You Leave Me Where Did You Go?

Eli Richardson
(spring 2007) Manslaughter

Nanette Rayman Rivera
(spring 2010) Limbo, E. 93rd Street Violine Violence, Gad Lo*, Crime Spree, alone after dark without training wheels, Nanette Rayman Rivera’s Comments

Tammy Robacker
(fall/winter 2016) Fraktur, My Father Does Not Rememebr What Time I Was Born, Questions for Ouija, Tammy Robacker’s Comments

Ethel Rohan
(summer 2010) Kriegspiel, Mammy, Shatter, Ethel Rohan’s Comments

Jon Rosen
(fall 2011) The Pigeon

David Rosenheim
(spring 2016) Pan’s Folly, Why I Cry on Airplanes, Edna Larson, Going, Bloody Knuckles, David Rosenheim’s Comments

Michelle Ross
(fall/winter 2019) Barrel Cactus, Common Denominator, Dead Plant, Michelle Ross’s Comments

Mindela Ruby
(summer 2011) Funhouse Face
(spring/summer 2019) Six Track, I Want to Marry Grapes, Some Mornings, Mindela Ruby’s Comments

Thaddeus Rutkowski
(spring/summer 2020) Cemetery Walk, Dinner Prep, Fear of the Dark, Thaddeus Rutkowski’s Comments

Gus Sacks
(summer 2005) Photograph: "Pain" (Paris, France)

Jenny Sadre-Orafai
(summer 2005) In Between Tattoos, According to My Mother, What They Passed Down

Miriam Sagan
(spring 2006) Metaphysics of the Salt Marsh, Anna Zemankova (Czech, 1908-1986) Outsider Artist, Bell Bowl, Black Hat, Crows, Miriam Sagan’s Comments

Farrah Sarafa
(summer 2007) Churracita, Organic Rejection, Turkish Bazaar, Obese, Magic Carpet Ride, Blank

Fortunato Salazar
(fall 2008) My First Century, Truth and Method, The 15 Elevator Rides from Hell, Composing the Three Days of June Spent in Hearing the Narrations of Doctor Sikorsky; Interspersed Amongst Which Are the Scandalous Doings at the Sheraton Hotel During That Month; All Being Set Down in the Form of a Journal,

Behlor Santi
(fall/winter 2016) Outta Here, Behlor Santi’s Comments

Ian Sanquist
(spring 2012) Arlington Cemetery, Brazil, Francesca, A Kinder, Gentler World, Magazine Fiction, Ian Sanquist’s Comments

Sarah Sarai
(fall 2005) Trickster, Super Bowl Sunday, 1995, I Noticed the 21st Is Ascension Day, From the Dome of the Willing Firmament, The Rebellious Dwell in a Dry Land
(spring 2010) Front Yard (I Have No Mythology), In the Lord’s Name, All Things Are Things, Maybe Not So Big, Winner Take All, Sarah Sarai’s Comments

Claudia F. Savage
(spring 2016) Into Fire, Folklore I., Folklore II., Rubbing Symmetry, Claudia F. Savage’s Comments

Suzanne Scanlon
(summer 2011) Rats

Suzanne Scarfone
(summer 2007) What It Is, Flower Souls, Tranquility, Quick Blue, Suzanne Scarfone’s Comments

Sommer Schafer
(spring/summer 2017) I Could Please You, A Glass of Water, Here I Am, Sommer Schafer’s Comments

Jen Schalliol
(winter 2011) Alternative, Ground, Now, You don’t want to read this, First Step Triolet, Jen Schalliol’s Comments

Timothy Schirmer
(fall 2014) Love Stories, Spiral Nosedive, I see a dog that is maybe a wolf., Timothy Schirmer’s Comments

Mike Schmitt
(fall 2007) Joseph Stalin Was Right, Death to the Rusty Dodge, Our Selfish Decisions for Noel, Blacklight District

Mather Schneider
(spring 2016) Shannon’s Oasis, The Panic Button, Drop Tower, The Vulture
(fall/winter 2019) The Last Fariseo
(fall/winter/2020) The Bully, Headlocks, Poseur, Mather Schneider’s Comments

Rebecca Schumejda
(fall/winter 2017) The Beginner’s Guide to Birding, The Blood Trail, Three Days Before Sentencing, A Nest, A Funeral for the Living, Rebecca Schumejda’s Comments

Peter Schwartz
(spring 2016) Songs for Machines That Don’t Work, Quadrophobia, The 7 Laws of Radiation, Realty, Year of the Abominable Snowball Fight, Peter Schwartz’s Comments

Claire Scott
(fall/winter 2017) Which Version, Gretel & Hansel, The Box, Surely, Christmas Eve, Claire Scott’s Comments
(fall/winter 2020) Settling the Score, Newbies Won’t Work, Finding the Past in the Detritus of the Present, Drifting, Claire Scott’s Comments

Martin Scott
(fall 2004) At the Grave of Walt Whitman, Bacon’s Dog, Sins of the Fathers

Rion Amilcar Scott
(winter 2013) Angels & Wolves, The Huntress, The Wolfman, Rion Amilcar Scott’s Comments

Kay Sexton
(fall 2004) The Ice-Pop Farewell, A Horror of Female Convergence, Princess Mistball, As Yellow as Yellow
(fall/winter 2016) The Girl on the Wrong Road

Marvin Shackelford
(fall/winter 2018) Lodestone, Amy, Whipped

Faith Shearin
(spring 2016) Appellations
(spring/summer 2020) Like Gretel

Christopher Shelley
(spring 2006) Tongue Tricks

Maggie Shurtleff
(fall 2007) Confession

Gail Louise Siegel
(spring 2004) Smarter Than Fish
(summer 2007) Don’t Burn My Body While I’m Gone
(winter 2010) Viscous
(spring 2015) Commuting
(fall 2015) Gone Gray Girl

Christine Simokaitis
(fall 2013) Cardiac Arrest, St. Philomena, The Beginning of the End, Christmas Wishes, A Rest, Christine Simokaitis’s Comments

Matthew Sinex
(winter 2012) An Arbitrary Number of People at a Party, And Suddenly Baby, The Graduate as an Art House Action Flick, Don’t Look, Paulie Gets His in Scene 27 of The Godfather

Catherine Sinow
(spring/summer 2019) Dear Clayton

Noa Sivan
(fall/winter 2016) Come as You Are, Noa Sivan’s Comments

Jay Sizemore
(spring 2015) the artist, facebook poem #9, superstitious sonnet, facebook poem #17, memes, facebook poem #20, irony, facebook poem #24, lost love sonnet, facebook poem #32, Jay Sizemore’s Comments

Paul Slapion
(spring 2004) Photograph: Baltimore

Sarah J. Sloat
(fall 2007) so, what’s it like living in Germany, From Train 21, Station Evangel, The Persian’s Reach, Sarah J. Sloat’s Comments

Gary Sloboda
(fall 2010) Song of Betrayal, Song of Disorder, Song of Virtue, Gary Sloboda’s Comments

Noel Sloboda
(summer 2006) Clearing, History of Invention, Near a Pennsylvania Landfill, Reeducation, Underneath, Noel Sloboda’s Comments

Smith Browne
(fall 2005) On This Day, The Old Cannibal, The Little Cannibal, The Cannibal God, The Trial of the Cannibal Dog, Smith Browne’s Comments

Claudia Smith
(winter 2007) Eclipse, Waterfall, Victorious, Claudia Smith’s Comments

Curtis Smith
(spring 2012) The Beach House, The Hunters, No One Owns This Moment But You, The Pact, Curtis Smith’s Comments

Jared Smith
(summer 2007) Lilith

Paul Smith
(spring/summer 2019) Festooned

Cheryl Snell
(summer 2006) Indigo Hour, Married to Geometry, Mother Won’t Move, Shelter, Cheryl Snell’s Comments

Kevin Spaide
(summer 2008) Playground Story

(fall 2010) Lawnmower, Oncology, The Sweater, Kevin Spaide’s Comments
(fall 2011) Cobarde, Kevin Spaide’s Comments About “Cobarde”
(fall 2012) Taxi Driver, Angel of Death, Bread, Kevin Spaide’s Comments
(fall 2013) The Number
(spring/summer 2018) Bill
(spring/summer 2021) Wackos, Poems, Goats, Kevin Spaide’s Comments

Amy Sprague
(winter 2012) Daddy’s Game, It’s in the Little Pieces, A Trauma Theory, Amy J. Sprague’s Comments
(fall 2014) The Elements of Loss, Hamsa, Vapor, Amy Sprague’s Comments

Matt St. Amand
(summer 2004) Grudgingly
(summer 2005) Hadley

Maryanne Stahl
(summer 2004) Meteor Shower, Damage, Catch

Andrew Stancek
(fall/winter 2018) Amends, Pilgrimage, Goodbyes, Andrew Stancek’s Comments

Steven D. Stark
(summer 2013) With Malice Toward None, Folie à Trois, I Don’t Eat Risotto, Steven D. Stark’s Comments

David Starkey
(spring 2005) What Is Osmosis?, What Makes an Airplane Stay Up?, How Do We Digest Food?, Who Invented Television?, What Makes Money Valuable?, David Starkey's Comments

Ronnie K. Stephens
(fall 2009) bam bam I’m a man, Barking at Seals, Mother to Son, Back Again, The streets are full, the highways are flooded, Trickster, Ronnie K. Stephens’ Comments

Shelby Stephenson
(summer 2013) Sing Out

Lauren Marie Stevens
(summer 2010) sea dreams, and the Big Fence, convoluted gut, with good eyes to see, kruidnagel, two hats, a wormhole in the land, Lauren Marie Stevens’ Comments

Alan Stokes
(fall 2006) What to do, The other side of what?, Nothing to it

Russel Swensen
(summer 2012) The Sorry Machine

Jay Surdukowski
(summer 2005) Instrument, Touch, Outside Detroit, Drunk Hunt, Close Study

Michael Angelo Tata
(spring 2007) Adrift, Groundhog Day, New York Jacks, Heaven Belongs to Me, The Depth of Elegance, The Death of Elegance, Michael Angelo Tata’s Comments

Greg Tebbano
(spring/summer 2020) How We Spell It

Kristina Ten
(spring/summer 2018) A Manageable Alternative, The Dog and the Moth, A Tickle in the Throat, Confirmation

Parker Tettleton
(summer 2011) Fifteen Micros

Eugenie Juliet Theall
(spring 2016) Bathtime, Bloodshot Eyes, Canada Goose, Unopened Gift, Eugenie Juliet Theall’s Comments

Aïcha Martine Thiam
(fall/winter 2020) Retrospect Talk, Page-Turning as a Declaration of Love, ON THAT GHOST WE SAW IN THE PARK IN POTOMAC, When You Let Me Come Up, Esprit d’Escalier, Aïcha Martine Thiam’s Comments

Beth Thomas
(fall 2008) Here’s Where You, Phoning It In, On the Road to Kirkuk, Beth Thomas’s Comments

Jari Thymian
(winter 2011) My Unpainted Canvas, Our Dude Who Art, Newton Street Redux, Not Dead Enough, Jari Thymian’s Comments

Andrew Tibbetts
(fall 2007) Wild Abandon
(winter 2011) Excerpts from 100 Posts About Death
(spring 2016) Some Bloody Peace

Dania Tomlinson
(fall 2015) Rutabaga

Tim Tomlinson
(summer 2010) The Bluff Road, Bow and Arrow, Morning in Islington, Neighbors at 9 AM, Fuck the Troops, Tim Tomlinson’s Comments

Paul A. Toth
(spring 2005) A Floral Arrangement

Bethan Townsend
(fall 2009) Barra an Teampaill, Berlin, Capital, Euston Station 2007, These are just ghosts, Bethan Townsend’s Comments

Dan Townsend
(fall 2012) Fishing with Mom, Fishing with Uncle Weeze, Fishing with Pat, Dan Townsend’s Comments

Sara Tracey
(winter 2008) On the Morning of My Father’s Seventh Surgery, Theology, Bird-Witching Carla, Because Someone Called Amy a Slut, Muscle Hungry, Sara Tracey’s Comments

Barbara Tramonte
(spring 2015) Travel, Let Me Write About a Lady, I Have, Tonight, She’s Mine

Kim Triedman
(fall 2008) Almost Stung, Chaos Theory, Drought, Fractured, The Made Bed, Kim Treidman’s Comments

Lish Troha
(fall/winter 2016) Demonectomy, Lish Troha’s Comments

Joseph R. Trombatore
(summer 2006) A circle of angels, I’m letting my hair grow out, Here, Characteristics of People Not So Ordinary, Joseph R. Trombatore’s Comments
(spring 2008) The Promise, Saraband for an Afternoon, The Vampire, The Vampire (after Goya’s The Shootings of May Third 1808
(fall 2009) Camille on Her Deathbed, Claude Monet, 1879, Eyes in the Heat, Jackson Pollock, 1946, Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, Mary Cassatt, 1878, Lullaby (Portrait of Madame Roulin), Vincent van Gogh, 1889, Pelvis with the Distance, Georgia O’Keeffe, 1943, Joseph R. Trombatore’s Comments

Shaun Turner
(spring/summer 2017) After a Couple Years, You Can Distinguish All the Sirens, A Naming Story, Planting by Design, Sean Turner’s Comments

The Twitter Issue
(summer 2012) The entire issue is here!

Cathy Ulrich
(spring/summer 2018) Generic Magical Girl #12, Asleep, A Small World, Cathy Ulrich's Comments

Jennifer VanBuren
(winter 2007) After Texas, Biograph, Parallax, Catching the Clock, Choosing the Word, Jennifer VanBuren’s Comments

Carter Vance
(fall/winter 2018) Clean Places, Hymn to Hillsborough Gardens, The Music Study

B.A. Varghese
(spring/summer 2020) Last Dinner Party

Jeanann Verlee
(summer 2013) Crucible, 2012, Folklore, Menace, Jeanann Verlee’s Comments
(summer 2010) cleave, mother, if in a museum, the telling, Jeanann Verlee’s Comments

Ania Vesenny
(summer 2006) Elvis Is Always Watching, Geometry of Love, Bus to the Zoo

Marc Vincenz
(spring 2010) The Mystical Art of Accounting, Mister Wang Baits Matter, Marc Vincenz’s Comments

Helen Vitoria
(summer 2011) Magician Lessons

Anca Vlasopolos
(winter 2005) Windowcases

Eugenio Volpe
(fall 2012) Quadrupled


William Walker
(fall/winter 2018) Soapie, Travel Advisory, Human Resources, William Walker’s Comments

JR Walsh
(fall/winter 2020) Wooing the family, Birth control, Before we learn nothing, It doesn’t end with the bad news, Ultrasound, This is the last family dinner, JR Walsh’s Comments

Kimberly Walters
(summer 2012) Mausoleum

Emily Waples
(winter 2006) everything American, y, spatial reason

Vallie Lynn Watson
(fall 2011) Veronica and Husband, Husbands and Wives, All Three, Christmas, A Harmless Little Fuck, Vallie Lynn Watson’s Comments

Lafayette Wattles
(summer 2008) At the End, More Than an Ocean, My Little Sister and the Obituary Page, No Back Door, Lafayette Wattles’ Comments

Richard Weaver
(fall/winter 2019) Impersonation with moon, Crepuscule, New World choreography, Autistic boy accompanied by elements of prayer, Twilight sleep, Richard Weaver’s Comments

Brandon Wells
(spring 2012) What Rough Beast, Great Balls of Fire, The Disillusionment of Ten A.M., Brandon Wells’ Comments

Scott Whitaker
(winter 2005) Jean, Dear Ophelia, Such a Day Is This

Roy White
(spring/summer 2017) Hello Kid Me, Post Punk, Our Vegetable Love, Sublunary, Roy White’s Comments

James R. Whitley
(winter 2007) Contemplative, Excursion into Philosophy, Apostasy, James R. Whitley’s Comments

Katy Whittingham
(winter 2009) Affair, Cape Codder, Emily, Katy Whittingham’s Comments

Helen Wickes
(winter 2012) Wait for Me, The Four Directions, Nude Barbie Dines at Stella’s, His Back Forty, Her Garden, 1968, Helen Wickes’ Comments

Marc Widershien
(fall 2004) Under the Sod’s Belly

Casey Wiley
(fall 2011) Shark Tank

Rachel Wiley
(fall 2012) A Correspondence on My Loveliest Stationery to Nicholas Who Is So Concerned, Conversations with My Father in a Dunk Tank, Swimming Lessons for Landlocked Girls, My Two Weeks’ Notice, Toxic Homemade Beverages

Jason Wilkinson
(winter 2008) 3/27/07, In the Furore of Her Silent Grace I Have Worn My Tread, Tin Thimbles, The Candourless Circuit of Our Days, Dancing Where the Tile Caught Fire, When All Else Fails, This Is Not About a Wonderful New Psychic

Jeremy T. Wilson
(fall/winter 2016) Nesting, Jeremy T. Wilson’s Comments

Gregory J. Wolos
(summer 2011) Dead White Male Body
(fall/winter 2016) Beast Music, Gregory Wolos’s Comments

Didi Wood
(winter 2010) Crimes of Plastic: 18 Photographs, Didi Wood’s Comments

Christian Woodard
(fall/winter 2018) Boyne and the Mother Goat

William Winfield Wright
(winter 2008) Your Feet in the Shoe Store Mirror, Yes Our Time Is Short But That’s Not Why, Secret, Local Delicacy, The Blue-Eyed Boy

(winter 2012) Another Nine Eleven on a Day Meant for Me, My Hand Holding My Hair Holding My Head Held High, Words I Haven’t Read Yet, xTx’s Comments
(summer 2012) You Only Live Once

Wayne E. Yang
(winter 2005) Photograph: “Falun Gong in Times Square”

Bill Yarrow
(spring 2015) Purveyors of Leeches, He Spreadeth Sharp Things Upon the Mire, Departure: Arrival: Return, Bill Yarrow’s Comments

Lauren Yates
(winter 2013) Introspection, Petrichor, Relapse, Seven Deadly Sins, Lauren Yates’ Comments

Joseph Young
(summer 2003) How Things Hold Light, Cobalt
(spring 2009) Twelve Micros, What Is Microfiction? A debate between microfictionists Joseph Young and Randall Brown
(fall 2010) NAME
(fall 2014) Loose
(fall/winter 2016) Square, More, Edgar Atkins Teagarden, Joseph Young’s Comments
(spring/summer 2021) Orientation, A Pair of Men, Something About Easter, Maybe, Joseph Young’s Comments

Mike Young
(fall 2006) Underwater Hands

Sera Yu
(spring 2006) The Magnet, The Ball, Dolls, The Paper, Sera Yu’s Comments

Changming Yuan
(fall 2013) Moving Sale, June, [ y! ], [ 0 ], [ my crow ]. Manipulating the Time

Jamie Zerndt
(fall 2005) Armis Writes Oprah a Letter

Issam Zineh
(fall/winter 2020) Wedding on a Cliff, Saturday in Four Parts, With Distance and Equivocation, Zion, Immortality, Issam Zineh’s Comments

Bonnie ZoBell
(winter 2008) You Are Not Langston Hughes, Deep Sea Dive, Bonnie ZoBell’s Comments

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