A Single Breath
Suzanne Ondrus

In the heart beat a stop occurs, so sudden, so quick.
You can only make a few good mistakes in this life.
Somewhere in the black hole up there light opens.
I want to tell you something.
In a dream I knew your hand, much more than in reality.
Save me, carry me were my words.
Some mistakes last a lifetime, like that macheted flesh melting into flames,
turned up to clouds and back to beyond the great beyond.
Somewhere there was a hum, giving my heart extra beats,
the strength to clasp tighter and to feel every fold of your skin.
When we carry a life inside there is extra air.
We must mean what we say, for in this life there is no other.
Carry me, save me were my words.
If you can speak, somewhere your sputterings are weaving with stars,
far beyond our eyes.

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