portion of artwork for Shane Allison's poem

Did You Read That Poem That Fag Wrote About Chris Meloni?
Shane Allison

The legs of Chris Meloni hiked above these shoulders
The eyes of Chris Meloni stripping me ass-naked in a room of interrogation
The heaving torso of Chris Meloni glistening with sweat, pearls of it drip in mouth
The ears of Chris Meloni I bite and nibble upon under a bedroom ceiling of mirrors
The toes of Chris Meloni slathered with a black fag’s spit
The heart of Chris Meloni that has nothing but love for its greatest fan
The feet of Chris Meloni in black wing tips
The elbows of Chris Meloni belting me in the guts when we wrestle playfully on leopard
print rug of his posh New York apartment
The shoulders of Chris Meloni I massage after sixteen hour days on the set of Law & Order
The chest of Chris Meloni grown with honey-gold fur
The back of Chris Meloni lying in bed as I rim his asshole
The teeth of Chris Meloni whiter than icebergs
The pubic hair of Chris Meloni I pick from the tip of my tongue
The chin of Chris Meloni sticky with semen
The fingers of Chris Meloni pinching my nipples
The hands of Chris Meloni making sure the rope is good and tight around my wrists and ankles
The dick of Chris Meloni massaging my throat.
The ass of Chris Meloni sitting on my face
The piss of Chris Meloni dribbling down this chin
My lips roped tightly around Chris Meloni’s dick
The face Chris Meloni makes when he’s coming torrents up my ass

When I first heard about this unique issue of FRiGG, I knew I wanted to be a part of it somehow. I'm a big fan of Law & Order, as well as the spinoff shows it has spawned like SVU and Criminal Intent. Chris Meloni of SVU has always been a favorite of mine because of his hard-edged, take no mercy personality with his character. I like that in a man. Being that I damn near used to cream my tighty-whities watching him on the HBO show Oz every week, I wanted to write something hot, nasty, and poetic about him, and this is the small little naughty piece I came up with. I hope you guys dig it.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 27 | Law & Order Issue | Winter 2010