Cogs in the Glass Machine
Thylias Moss

a reactor, a chain
indelible in the joy of glass

and sheer, sheen bounce

through inns and outs
of a bottomless well

flat as a Euclidian platter
serving hydroplanes flung off Woodworth
to target windows

with paces, pulses
shatter and mosaic, flare,
crunch-time to plate

what’s thrown home
into composite smooth

pitched blends

              American smooth
              Detroit smooth, steeled

and authored

ambassadors of glide,
dive in, drive in by

way of transparent conveyors

ice sheets of factories melt
and reach an obvious
fluidity of clarity, slushed

redundant oneness

portal after portal

a lineup

rippled spines of shout-out
prismatic waves park

sparkle flow, beam gust

overlay, converge, fall in love
with this view, that view

fickle emulsion

fire works

the glow of properties
factors, embers
merge, emerge
kindle, rekindle
possess and repossess

match point

lightning knots sand

into variations of basic forms, tubes
passages, tunnels, miniature glass elevators,

porous knuckles
hand out

texts, manual operation, blast furnaces,
hot house-trumpets,
basics of bone structure,

fluctuating, fracturing temperatures

these windows refine flutter, impromptu shops
shimmer, advertise the joy of mirage,
atmospheric massage, copy

atmospheric arabesques

from all directions
gutters, rafters
rays frame, curb, map
whatever jazzes contact

a sign of preference
for translations that extend us

section by section

artifacts of grasp
pony up

lobbed angles of perception
sheer transience of reticulating lobbies

knives slur watery kaleidoscopes, lock and unlock
corners, offices micro-slide, surf, tele-ping

this shifting coast

of beliefs and disbeliefs in overlapping bites,
wing dimension within wing dimension,


span spread, spiral of flat funnel

winging exponents of intersection
scaffolding ribbing rigging wigging

reverb, hoist, in and out

the flab of panorama spills,
fat chance after fat chance

laces us in layers and tangles
of intimate illuminated corsets.

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