portion of the artwork for Maurice Oliver's poetry
Inquisitive.Introspective.But Lacking Crawlspace
Maurice Oliver

And for the 30-day interim, here’s what can be expected:

—War, being spread around by a soapy cotton mop.

—A car hood that is the identical color of the Texas panhandle.

—Several abundant tarmacs, packaged in cellophane like sausages.

—Manmade Bible belts determined to sing the chorus of “Hallelujah.”

—Hysterical giggles, launched from an underground silo in Colorado.

—Clouds of dust, blinking their left-turn signal.

—English, punching each other on the school playground.

—A vast literary masochism of discarded stop signs.

—The umpteenth time, as seen from a floating luft balloon.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 32 | Spring 2011