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Carmelo Anthony
Salvatore Pane (@SalPane)

Selected tweets from New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony’s Twitter page (@carmeloanthony), 2011 to 2012.

I’ve evolved as an athlete and wanted my sports drink to evolve with me. #TNGSD Hanging out with the GQ Crew!
“what they did to Rodney Dangerfield was wrong. He don’t get no RESPECT”
New link coming!!!!!!
Uh oh!!!!!! Showtime!!!!!!! #purplecitybirdgang
Next stop Dolce & Gabbana
NY where u at? Come hang out w/ me
BIG announcement from my company! Power Grip will be courtside starting 12/25!

Found my new drink for on and off the court #TNGSD
Same ol n!??a, but I’m on my new sh!t
“sweat baby jesus”
Woke up this morning with the mindset to #becomelegendary!!!!!!!!
river monsters: navy seals-untold stories. #showtime !!!!!!!!
@PBEnt1stLady I need that painting
Have anyone seen @LittleBurger
Still workin! #powergrip

Thanks to all who supported my company on @HSN! We sold out!
another pathetic idiot who doesn’t know anything.
“Are you not entertained”
Tree shopping!!!!!!!!!!
Check @lala out on HSN in about 10mins. Showtime!!!!!!!
Nice glass of Pinot Noir listening to “The Joy”
It's making me sick to my stomach to hear that
My hands are my weapons! #POWERGRIP

#hoodmemories playing ball on the monkey bars
#hoodmemories bamboo earings wit name in the middle
#hoodmemories chicks rocked the 54 11s
#hoodmemories girls thought they was “Fly” bc they had a pair of high top gellies.!!!!!!!

Excited for all of my fans to see my #NurseJackie debut
“The hardest game to win is a won game”
Im gonna start collecting college football helmets!!!!!
Headed to The Rag & Bone store.
@Amareisreal Where u at
Just stocked up on #powergrip for the season!

That @MikeTyson goes hard. Can’t believe it’s free in the app store.
Prepare for war in the time of peace
ONE spark, and the sky is on fire.
Love is in the air!!!!!!
I need that painting
Holla at me!
Get 2 for 1 #powergrip

My episode of #SVU airs tonight on @NBC at 10/9c.
My priorities are in order. Beleedat
“Fair exchange is no robbery”
One word. “showtime”
Armani show was #EPIC
Come on NY! Holla at me!!
Still workin! #powergrip

This draft is #crazzzzzzy. Wow
U people are insane.
Y’all will flip anything
I said that bc I was waiting for us to pick so I can go back to doin what I was doin
What’s Iman twitter name. We have to welcome him.
My man Iman. look forward to working wit u. Hope I can be a great teacher to u.
@I_Am_Iman congrats my man. #NYK

RT @SteveNash The NBA has experienced over 60 yrs of growth with new growth
The day begins. Its early …
“When the Chess game is over, the Pawn and the King go back to the same box”
Now headed to crib to study my lessons!!!!!
@justinbieber on my way. #showtime
@sportspainter I need that painting
@justinbieber u got lucky this time.
First 100 #POWERGRIP get an autograph.

As a former IndyCar Owner
Success is the result of psychologically preparing yourself for it
“Today I feel
Sonny & Cher!!!!!!!!!
#lafamilia‬ SHOWTIME
Man vs wild on now>Bear Grylls is bananas!!!!!!!!!!
Driving down the Westside Highway knocking #BillyOcean “Love Zone”
the fat lady sings

RT @knick_zay @carmeloanthony Your full of knowledge, We love you!
RT @showbizant I see @carmeloanthony is the talk of twitter. kids should look up 2!
RT @AmDaCAPTAIN @carmeloanthony is one of the greatest men alive.
stop hatin @veenomous: Is @carmeloanthony done bragging about how he is a hero?
IGHT IGHT IGHT!!!!!! Im gonna give y’all timelines a break

y’all rocking out without me?

Salvatore Pane’s Comments

I started using Twitter back in 2009. I was sending out a pitch for a comic book to various companies, and I read somewhere that Twitter was a good place to connect with other comic writers and editors. So in the beginning, that’s what I tweeted about: the comics I was enjoying, what it was like writing as part of a team—co-writer, penciler, inker, letterer—as opposed to by myself with prose.

Now … shit. I don’t know, man. Twitter has pretty much changed the way I consume media, especially sports, which is one of the reasons why I wrote a few found poems for the a chapbook I’m working on called #TheNewYorkKnicks. I follow dozens of national basketball analysts and even more Knickerbocker analysts, and I’m always checking my phone during time-outs and commercial breaks to see what they’re saying and to chime in myself. If you live far away from the team you’re rooting for, it can at least be a substitute to going to a bar and talking with fellow fans during games.

My lowest Twitter moment came a few months back when I got a bunch of my pals together and we got drunk and went to see The Phantom Menace 3D. We brought flasks, and we were all livetweeting the movie under #JarJarDoomsday. There were all these children around us, and I remember very vividly when Jar Jar first appeared onscreen and this kid started screaming crying and had to be led out of the theater by his father. My first instinct was to livetweet this kid crying. I just stared into my glowing phone and thought, “Fuck. We’re the worst generation ever.”

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