portion of the artwork for A.E. Reiff's poetry

El Señor de los Afligidos
A.E. Reiff

“… the eco-complexity becomes so intense with throngs and multitudes of the Divine that it flares into the feedback of an ultimate vision.”

They brought the mystery carp back up
The Mississippi Derrida bed.
Its tongue split channels,
estuaries spit duck boats much worse.
Gardeners to profit squash would mulch
their derry boats,
Bells pulled in wonder
At the horror of this fish.

Crazy Carpe Derrida ballooned to space,
They made a sign on 55 North:
Derrida Leave Earth!
But it was not by gas
or teeth impaled on a bridge,
it was that big,
but by shouting,
arms waved, hands raised,
“El Señor, El Señor” they sang,
“Our life is but a vapor.”

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 38 | Fall 2012