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artwork for Claire Scott's poem What Will We Do

What Will We Do
Claire Scott

No more gas stoves in Berkeley
all new construction must be electric
reducing greenhouse gas, saving the planet
a deterrent net being built on the Golden Gate Bridge
costing $206.7 million, using 20,000 square feet of woven steel
will guns be banned next despite the long arm of the NRA
or tall ladders and thick ropes over two feet long
will buildings only be one story high
exacerbating the housing crisis
what will we do then when
our hearts can hold
no more

Claire Scott’s Comments

I read about Berkeley not allowing gas stoves in new construction. Somehow this poem emerged from that story. I hope the fact that it gets more and more ridiculous lightens a very dark and tragic subject. As a therapist, I worked with a number of suicidal people living in despair. Their lives were unbearable. I hope I helped them, at least a little.

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