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artwork for Scott Garson's short story Cemetery

Scott Garson

The dead get privileges once a year and seem not to know what to do with themselves. A boy in breeches sits in a tree, kicking his legs in moonlight. A woman watches the bell of her dress as she turns. An old man tries a handstand. Do they feel that they have all the time in the world? Maybe they don’t really think about that. They just loll, like anyone else might do on a warm, forgettable night.

Scott Garson’s Comments

Initially I grouped these micros into sets of nine. The first ones to be published came out that way—in nine-sets at Electric Literature and Okay Donkey. “Cemetery” and “Show” are from the third nine-set, which was one of my favorites. But I moved away from the nine-set idea, who knows why. Now, “Cemetery” feels like a cornerstone of the manuscript itself, which is called “Stories of Life and Death.”

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Frigg: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 62 | Fall/Winter 2023/24