artwork for Claire Scott's poem Repair or Replace

Repair or Replace
Claire Scott

I took my ten year old Honda in for service
feeling virtuous
thinking perhaps an oil change
and maybe tire rotation
a young man with Craig spiraled on his shirt
and snake tattoos curling up his arms
looks flustered
new transmission, new brake pads,
replace a head gasket, shocks, struts
whatever the hell they are
I tune out the droning list
should I repair or cut my losses
and shell out $22,000 I don’t have
to buy another car I can’t afford

The dilemma of our weary-had-enough-of-it-all world
is it reparable with all the droughts and fires,

the fallow fields, the smoky air, the guns,
the incessant greed, the guns, the guns,

the wars, the greed, the hungry children
with swollen bellies, grain rotting in Ukraine,

the ten year old forced to bear a rapist’s child,
the racism, the guns, the greed, the trans woman

denied the women’s room, books banned
for teaching children about their bodies

is it worth investing in, is there any chance
or should we let it go and start again

like buying a new Honda Civic
but not so easy if there is no one left

Claire Scott’s Comments

Is this world reparable? Or is it like a battered Honda that we can leave behind and start over? At times it seems starting over is the only option, given the state of our world. But not so easy after the Sixth Extinction when no people are left.

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Frigg: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 60 | Fall/Winter 2022