portion of the artwork for Jay Carson's poem

SAT Questions
Jay Carson

Going up the Rangling Road
I see an infestation of bamboo
that threatens all the other vegetation.
This is serious,
my gardening friend tells me.

I suggest a herd of pandas:
Set them loose at the top of the road
near the nice duplexes that could house pandas.
And let them eat
all the way down to the ice cream store
for an arranged reward slake—
the bamboo looks kind of dry.

No, my friend tells me definitely,
for two reasons: it’s not
the kind of bamboo they like,
and there aren’t enough pandas
in captivity to form such a herd.

Answer the following questions:
  1. Ignoring the ice cream and the gardener’s attitude,
    does it matter if either A or B is true?
    Why or Why not?

  2. Why does China
    have all the pandas?

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 46 | Fall 2015