portion of the artwork for David Rosenheim's poem

Pan’s Folly
David Rosenheim

Peter Pan is nonplussed
He takes a long pull from his Corona
Lights a cigarette
Sloops on the barstool
Glares at his friends—and enemies playing
Volleyball on the beach
Shakes his head in disgust
Hook tries to serve and the ball bursts with a “POP”
The lost boys only laugh and pat Hook on the back
The old pirate laughs too
His black and gold teeth flashing in the sun

Every day since the Treaty was signed has been the same:
Mixed couples tennis
Sand Castle Olympics
Smee’s Spectacular Luau Lobster
Black Gilmour’s Banoffee Pie for dessert
And Hook presiding merrily over it all
Pan is bored
Pan is jealous, though he can’t admit it
Just last week he led his gang to victory in
The Epic Battle
Ship deck fire
Pan saved Tiger Lily from a
Sinking, shark cage
Michael from the burning bow pulpit
Even Hook from certain mutiny

And just now even sweet Wendy is
Massaging a cramp from Hook’s gnarled toes
Fuck ’em, Pan thinks,
Let them get fat and old
Let them save themselves next time
Pan demands another beer
Lights a cigarette
Spits in the sand

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 47 | Spring 2016