portion of the artwork for Mindela Ruby's poetry

Mindela Ruby’s Comments

I like to write poetry while warming up to—or taking a breather from—prose writing. Poetry lets me loose to play with irreverence, line breaks, musicality, humor, rhyme, repetition, experimentation, and the amassing force of words. “Six Track” began buzzing in my mind at a movie theater and subsequently got fleshed out to depict an imagined young mother experiencing escapism. “I Want to Marry Grapes” whimsically addresses the practicality and sensuality of romantic commitment. (Fruit is a frequent subject for me, perhaps because of snacking habits, but I also make poems about pills, lest you think I’m a health nut.) “Some Mornings” comes from my growing collection of 100-word story-poems about long marriages, titled Bushwhacked. When drafting this note to accompany my poetry selections, I wrote in brackets at the end: [Add a final profound sentence here.]

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 53 | Spring/Summer 2019