portion of the artwork for Claire Scott's poetry

Settling the Score
Claire Scott

An exacto knife in my pocket
an eye on the bulge in your pants
thank you for coming
Martin Spates from a galaxy ago
the night of senior prom
in my cloud blue dress
with poufy sleeves
all ruffles and flounce

I thought you were
I thought I was
but we weren’t were we
in love
but you said we were
didn’t you Martin Spates
and this is what lovers do
you said that
as you bit and scratched
and split me in two

Five cats and ten guppies and
a woman who waited too long
no weaving and unweaving to pass the time
today I glimpsed a rumpled face
floating over a floppy sweatshirt
and I knew it was time to call

Tonight we will bed again
in another cheap motel
my turn now Martin Spates
as I drink the darkness
from a galaxy ago
prom dress scribbled on the floor

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 56 | Fall/Winter 2020