portion of the artwork for Sam Rasnake's poetry

Sam Rasnake’s Comments

The narrative has become too familiar—voices we know and love are gone, familiar faces keep slipping from us, and certainty crawls away from us, moving deeper into the dark forest, and we can’t follow. We’ve all been nearly swallowed by the turbulence of 2020—politically, emotionally, medically, psychologically—pushing us toward some unknown ledge not easily navigated. But words give us a way out. If we string them together, maybe we discover a way into something new … something beautiful … something lasting. We don’t always find such a wonderful place, but maybe what we create can—even if only for a blip in time. Toss the stone into the brink. Something will quiver.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 56 | Fall/Winter 2020