portion of the artwork for J Pascutazz's poetry

The White Vampires
J Pascutazz

Why do the white vampires
never have enough?
They come from the world
below. That’s why their skin
is so pale. They rise up
through lakes. With blue
eyes and black beards.
They live underground
in high tech cities.
The white vampires swim
up through the lakes
to abduct our women
and children and drain
our fat. They turn
our fat into fine oil
to lubricate their
jet planes, smartphones,
and laptop computers
The white vampires
use the fat of our babies
for cosmetics, anti-
aging creams, plastic surgery
to make butts and breasts bigger
they use the stolen fat
to anoint their infants
in baptism, for candles in
their churches, to grease
their church bells
The white vampires
come out of the sky
in ships of blinking
colored lights and
flapping metal wings
they steal our eyes
lock our hearts
in tiny freezers
they take our healthy organs
to replace their diseased
The white vampires grind
our bones (why do they
need to possess everything?)
for magic powder to hypnotize
our young. Now they come
to learn our healing ways
take our sacred medicine
and see
the Spirit. They take
the Spirit

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 55 | Spring/Summer 2020