To Do List to Justin
Shane Allison

Make up an excuse to get him alone
Get physically closer to him more than any man I’ve ever gotten close to
Lay my hands there
What are you doing he’ll ask
I will look into his eyes
Hands moving toward
Hands toward
& down & down & down
puts up a struggle
don’t fight it
you know you want it
you know you want this
he’s putting up quite a fight
punched in the face
I’m okay
It’s just a cut
Pin arms
Knee into ass
Kiss mouth hard kiss mouth
On my terms
Squirm, worm
In the arms of another man’s affections
Fight me don’t fight me
Lick neck
Neck licked
Tongue in ear
Ear, fully, tongued
2wice bitten
Bitten 2wice
arms, pinned, pinned arms
tweak nipples
tweaking nipples
nipples tweaked
belt unbuckle
belt, unbuckled the unbuckled belt
Hush my big baby
Hush my big baby boy
Hush little baby
SSShush big boy
SSShut up!
Zipper stuck
Damn this zipper
Give in
Just relax
Give in if you just relax
Put out
I want to feel your cock
Want to
Your cock
Feel course hair
Feel course hair
Feel course hair between fingers
Pulled out
So that’s what it looks like
This is it
This is for real
This is what it looks like
This is really happening to you
This is what it looks like for real happening to you
This is happening to me, us, to me and us and you
Jack off
Jack you off
You jack off
Whack you off
Whack off wanker
Wanker whack off
Wanker whackin’ you off
Wanking wanker whacking you off
Beat meat meat beat
Beat meat beatcha meat
Beatcha meat I beat
Betcha bottom dollar beatcha meat
Beat my meat
I’m beatin’ my meat
Sniff armpits
Arm hair
Arm hair arm hair
Antiperspirant armhair
Jackin’ off to you being jacked off
It’s a dream cum true
It’s a dream C.U.M. true
To do this to you
Slap ass
Ass, slapped ass
Slappin’ yo naughty ass
Naughty ass slapped
His ass, Justin’s ass
Asshair in vaseline
Have it my way
This is how I want it
Like this like this
I like it like this & that
This & that this & that
This & that
Your urine here
Property of Shane Allison
Property of me
Begs for mercy mercy beg
Mercy mercy me
Lick my lips
Grab his hips
Anal intercourse
You won’t feel a thing
other than my thing
sexually transmitted disease
stexually tansmitted detrees
it burns
face flushed flushed face red
come in you
in you I cum
blood & cum
shit blood & cum
red face flushed
Cut Gush
Blood, your dead                             



Shane Allison was born and raised in the U.S., more specifically, in Florida. Even more specifically, in Tallahassee, which is the capital of Florida, surprisingly. He started writing poetry when he was just a 16-year-old baby who knew nothing about the world. Writers who influence him the most include
Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Denise Duhamel, Walta Burowski, and others scattered throughout literary society. His Pushcart-nominated poems have been published in Mississipi Review, New Delta Review, Coal City Review, The Fifth Street Review, Velvet, Suspect, Blue Food, Lynx Eye, and many others. His chapbook, Ceiling of Mirrors, is out from Cynic Press and his new chapbook is a work in progress.

 “To Do List for Justin” is a fantasy gone wild about a guy I went to school with. He may not be the most attractive guy around but to me he’s a dreamboat. The poem came about after Justin joined me and some fellow classmates at a local bar in the village in New York. He sat at our table and helped himself to a small plate of wings that were sitting in front of us. He devoured them, and his fingers were beautiful and greasy. So his eating these wings is what triggered my fantasy and this poem.


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