Love Poem Number 5


Not all moments are easy.
Today I confront the lack of consequence
        that is desire for the desireless.
Pause for the honesty of inconclusiveness.
        An accomplishment; you made me feel.
Because our ending was so predictable
       I stopped answering the phone
       and told myself you had been
       abducted by aliens.
Abnormality serves its purpose yet again.
       Amorality can be gratifying.
You look through man's eyes, but navigate
        circumstance in a woman's body.
How to explain empty to the mirror that contains you?
Begrudging pilgrim, shrug off your probable indifference.
You want to be a big man,
        your cunt still bleeds every twenty-eight days
        signaling upheaval.
You become agitated with ease. I slip rose quartz
       into your glove compartment.
All your colors hurt my eyes:
       Queer pride.
It takes courage. Don't stop breathing.
        I knew you under the jacaranda tree.
Someone knows you. But you wanted to escape
         the picture frame. That was the point all along.
         You wanted to escape.

Jennifer Miller is slowly completing a B.A. in English Literature and Women's Studies at a university in New Jersey.

These five poems are part of a series of nine "love poems" that explore ideas of identity and identification through the concept of love.


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