Incoherent, Ideational Phantasms
Daniel Gallik

You’ve always had some
beautiful eyes. John
was alone with Slateri,
the neighbor lady. A
part of his opposition
between the manifest &
the latent dreams, and
the content of his two
testicles was becoming
his dream works on two
nights in the future.
Wife, sweet Liz, paced
in the basement waiting
for the kids’ jeans to
dry in the dryer as they
waited after showers for
their Fri. night dress
to watch boys giggle
with boys at the movies.
Slateri turned away
and walked to her place
next door. She had no
dreams, no latency, no
conspicuous motives to
subdue a man who lived
in a boring neighborhood
world of mores that ate
at the fabric of manhood.

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