Give Thanks (#77)
Alexander Best

Green growth in a clay pot, citrus peel, cat’s paw.
Rakes, staves, a busted clock. Clackety spinning of
rusty wheels. Nuts&bolts in a bashed-up box,
kicked across the floor.

Hair-raising feelings. A bare ass to the world. Clear. Early.
Cool air, and straight-back chair.
Cat’s ear. Basket, of rough weave, trumpet-shaped.
Heavy tasks. Leaves, a stump, some stuff.
Unknown men and women.

Hammered tray, and coffee pot of brass/wood that looks like a
sputnik with minaret. Cat’s chin, offered upward.

Lemons, bananas, in a cracked maple bowl
(flung as the lover fled, spent winter
face-down in puddle-deep yard).
Cat sleeping, after the hunt…no longer hot & full of craft.

Cotton, wool, gravel, soil of several consistencies.
Sandy-shale pumice for seasonal-foot. Rain, sun, and cloud,
of course. Remorse. Being human.
All cats, contented and cross.

Aged treetrunks whose bark suffers loss, cement and copper,
dross. Stones in groups, free-thinking boulders, grasses
tufted, tiny and tall. Porridge-of-bricks. And, put to
no purpose: wedges, clods, mud.

Fragrance, the body. Cats-as-judges. Purring-song.
Pig and cow, fowl. Sardines grilled, and memory of
flash-fried scallops.
A meal set down before me.
Snoozes. Solitude. Ripe hollering, and crude.
Kind people. Passionate ones. Sad or angry anybodies.
Cat’s nose.

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