I see these poems like apples that have fallen from a branch of the tree of my psyche. Each of them is filled with elements of love, humor, lust, desire, darkness, and honesty. I like to think that these are poetic canvases with razor-sharp edges. I don’t believe in “sugar-coating,” but all-out, heart-wrenching, palm-sweating honesty. Life is all of these things. It’s not some imaginary fairy tale. Yes, my work is predominately sexual and erotic with a homosexual slant. I am interested in speaking to the common man and woman, as well as addressing those from the world of academia. When I’m writing poetry, whether it be about sex or about family, that’s where I’m most comfortable and at home. At least for now, anyway. These five poems are a few that represent me as an artist. 

Shane Allison


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