Bones, Ash, Pearls
Elizabeth Glixman

There are the relics
the holy relics,
The weird and loathsome mesmerizing relics
Bones ashes pearls
enshrined in Gaia’s dream
On the table
Bone, ash, pearl, bones ashes pearls femurs on the cross
rosacea on burnt Rembrandt umber skin
And shadows
curtains drawn cords that keep desire closed for a time
Union of relics in the air and sea
On land all fragments as we see them
the holy world the perfect wounded venerable world
of skin and bones and pearls
Minerals infused with packed time condensed fast time
The world is wounded
Hallowed fragments
Prayerful moments
We are the relics perfect remnant of time blink and the world is here
blink and it is gone devoured
Bang and the world began bang and the relics are metro showers in space
Seeds hidden in the dust
Grounded in the ground

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