The Iridescent Blue Body of Our World
Daniel Gallik

The creek splashed down
into a temperate valley. A steep
and sleek slab hung, it seemed,
diving deepward into the water.
The pool formed was six feet deep.

She unclothed, and hung around
on a rock showing her swollen
belly. I believe she was crying.

Beside the pool I believe I saw
a stick insect standing
on a small rock. But the rocks
left it hard to judge the size
of the terrain. The size
of the insect or the woman.

The raging water denied
the laborious journey the lady
was on. Viewing back, seeing
the scene as a whole, it seemed
all was camouflaged from being seen.
Yet, I could see it all.

Predatory birds hung in the air
above the valley. I did not
see what their eyes were viewing.

The woman had an unusual shape
as she sat and appeared to be
immersed in thought peculiar
to her social status.

Isotome rock structures, perennial herbs,
pale blue flowers of which I did not know
their name sludged from the rocks,
and the poison that was held
with the woman
ate away at the scene.

I could not find one thing succulent
about this story.

She seemed awake fully. Yet,
she suffered from some agonizing blindness.

This was Brandywine falls.

I had carried myself up this craggy hill.
Pied butcher-birds were singing as I trudged.
I thought, I never did like their
ugly greenish breasts. Two dragonflies
sailed low over the surface of the pool

With the noise of the stream
this had become a singless plot.

I sat in a thicket above the scene. I
was not crying. I was laughing,
my usual maniacal attempts at humor.
I wasn’t going to do a thing.
This was also usual for me. My willie-
wagging posterior shifted only
because of the hard seat.

She was perched. Forever.
I was perched forever.

Stories like this never end. Do they?
Because words never end.

No other powers came close to this scene.
Both of us did not wonder
about this. We sat and waited
for something. What it was
was anyone’s guess.

As the sun set I noticed
a glimpse from the sky.
I did not look up. Neither
did the lady sitting on the rock
waiting for the water to turn
awfully cold.

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