Afternoon Pleasures
Shane Allison

For a really good time, lick the urinal
Gay & proud
die stall fags
salami & cigarettes
Here’s some pussy, so we can stop talking about gays
Fuck you, fagot
Life is delicious
I hoped I wouldn’t see a straight guy trying to get a date in the men’s room
Can’t we all just get along?
Flush twice, it’s a long way to the crossroads
Sketch 1
He who writes on bathroom walls, rolls his shit in little balls
He who reads those walls of white, eats those little balls of shit
This shit don’t even rhyme
Meet here for cock play
Jeremiah, 29:11
Call Aimee for a good time @ 574-1187
Call Sharon for great head @ 893-6595
Fall 2000 was good for great head
Miami rules & so do Cubans
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if it wasn’t for bitches, my pecker would rust.
I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength
But not enough strength to help him from being totally fucked up
Jesus loves you
Maybe Christ could teach you to spell
Word up
Here I’m sittin’, ass a flexin’, givin’ birth to another Texan
Sean shit here on October 24th
What’s invisible and smells like a rabbit? Bunny farts
A bear and a rabbit are taking a shit in the woods,
The bear asks the rabbit, do you have a problem
With shit sticking to your fur
Rabbit says, no. Bear says good, and wipes his ass with the rabbit.
In here, not even God can save you
Where is all the dick action?
Whites only
Blow my prick like you blow your nose
Want black dick
Hung bottom, 8 inches
Hungry mouth for your cock
Fags have nothing better to do
Will be here over the holidays
Need a well-hung dude to meet from the 23rd through the 26th of December
Real men like it in the ass
Man, dick is becoming obsolete
Sex is the best
Dick tastes good
Tight ass feels good if you’re deep in
All studs need head, even you straight boys
When is a good time to hook up?
German Shepard who seeks a white, male poodle
Be here on February 28th for doggy-style
I left a chunk of history in the toilet
Eat shit
Any hot guys going to be around for the holidays
Bring it on, black boy
Bi. WM, hot & hung
Need dick. 18 to 45 only
White bitch who sucks black dick
Jason Brunner sucks cock
Blowjobs in the 3rd floor stall
Where have all the cowboys gone
One stiff dick deserves another
Want to suck a big, cum-filled cock
I will be your cum slave
Where are all the cocksuckers?
Now that my girl is gone, my dick needs a good rubbing & balls need draining,
Let me suck your cock
I will suck you dry
Want to suck nice cock
If you want your cock sucked, just play with it
No olds or uglies or blacks
I wish I could come here & find a white stud just waiting for a long blowjob
Watch me jack off
Want to suck dick, but can never find any here
Want a dude that will let me just service his cock
Want to eat a nice tight ass
Good things come to those who want to swallow
Cock rules
Massive orgy, 6:30, January 9th
Meet at the Westcott fountain
I shudder to think that he is sitting on the same toilet
As the sick freak who drew this crap
The good news is, gays usually don’t breed
I have beer shits
I like the way you shit
Don’t miss 5th floor hot action when feet are tapped
Want to watch you suck & fuck another guy
Blowjob after 9p.m.
Got a joint
Be here at 1p.m. everyday
Watch out, sperm a cummin’
Why are there are so many faggots at this school
They have their own union, man
And you have to kiss major ass to join
Christy Turlington has very nice tits
With perfect, pink, suckable nipples & a tight ass
Hot, white male, seeking same
Make some gloryholes and lets see some
1 Joint=9 cigarettes
Do your research, dumbass
SMOKIN’ weed is no worse for you than drinking.
Do your research before you get sucked into propaganda
Republican Party Sux
Bush eats shit
Actually my dick is in my hand @ the moment
Miami 22-Fucking Cubans
FSU 14 Reality
99% of Miami Fans don’t make enough in one year to afford a single semester at UM
But they can afford to come here.
You fuck the hottest whores!
Sig Ep rules! Because we use Gel and we care what we look like!
You studs!
I like sex & free beer (excuse me, fraternities)
All frats lick ass
(They are people just like us, don’t stereotype!)
No they’re not
Yeah, well here’s a line and on this side of it we ain’t gay
Looking for a young, hung white guy to J.O. with
Want to cum in your face with your mouth open.
LV Age+Date+Time
Late Nite Hook up
X-Mart: IN VIDEO BOOTHS with holes open all night.
On Tenn. St. past Wal-Mart
Late Nite Hook up
The Park @ Park Ave & M.L.K. Jr. Blvd
Straight or Gay
How big is your dick?

(1)10.5 blk. man
2.Thick, 7, white guy
(3) 8" wt
4 6.5 white guy
6 8" Latin
7 rockin’ hard—I want to suck it.
Hot. I wish I could suck it.
I smoke weed everyday and I have a 4.0!
Me 2
Why do you see so many fast niggers
All the slow ones are in jail
Relax—Smoke the ganja, BIATCH!
TO BAD Sig Ep gets more pussy! & STDS
Fellas let’s get Drunk
And Jack each other off!!
Americans are Ignorant
So are the French!!
And Euros think their shit doesn’t stink.
USA: 1
Saddam Hussein: 0
Leave a better mark on the world.
I like to cum in guys faces
Cock Gobblers UNITE!
Enjoy life while you have it
Where is the best place and time to meet guys?
Love to suck cock
White, young dick only
Fuck that shit!
Want to suck hot cock & get fucked if you’re ready
Dumb, smelly racist
Go back to Mayberry
Go back to FAMU where you belong, before you get strung up!
Straight check this ho
What does the inside of your nose smell like?
If you’re reading this, then you’re in Strozier
My mom has a 6-inch cut…
Oral groutification
Alexander the Grout
Sauer grout
Got grout?
Got cum, let me drink some
Grout potatoes
Grout it, grout it
Grout me baby, one more time
Oscar the Grout
Grouts Tomb
Groutful Dead
Sucked a boy’s fat grout
Eat your grout
Grout humor sucks dick
The Grout Gatsby
Three strikes your grout
I’m a little teacup short & grout
21 & will be around at 10p.m.
Look right for tennis joke
Look left for tennis joke
Look right for tennis joke, again
Want a great ass to fuck
Awesome & home alone
Watch me suck five dicks at once
Want to suck dick, but isn’t sure how to find it
Want a college boy with a long, fat cock
If you like throbbing, white cock, page me
Honky toast
This is the actual size of my dick
Pole smoker
Ruffneck white boy
Hot action in Tom Brown Park
But be careful, cops r watching in unmarked cars making notes of frequent visitors
They’re gonna raid soon
Finals got you stressed? Come here for a break or your last anonymous B.J.
Dick sucking frat boy
Stall evening blowjobs
What is small and hard and looks good on a Pakistani?
A rubber bullet
What are two things you can’t give a Muslim?
A job and deodorant
Call 870-8588 for great oral sex
Erinbuoy made me piss blood
Erinbuoy put sores on my willie
Where is all the fat cock?
Toilets were invented by Crapper
50% of Arabs are named Muhammad or Abdul
This must make for great fun at the Camel Driver’s License Office
Show hard for B.J.
God is watching
Silly fondie
Fuck all white people
Brown power
Racists suck
Mean people suck
Knowledge is invisible
Barebacker 1
Looking 4 str8 or Bi Blk Bois to suck off. Holla back
Was here the whole summer, but no cock
The secret is out, Asian women make great lovers
Hip-hip hooray, blacks are dying from AIDS!
Destroy white devils, who are destroying the earth
Wake up lefties, liberals and other multiculturalists
The Arabs want to make America Muslim
Stand up for something, or you’ll fall for everything
All sissies should burn in hell
Punk motherfucker
Asian girls with Mohawks are sexy
White men will fall in love with Asian women
Definitely no war, but can you pray for my little Timmy
To have stronger legs so he can dash out the range
Of bombs like no one’s business
Oh no, I sustained the worst haircut in ages
Bomb the hell out of Iraq
And then get North Korea, Iran, France & Jersey City
Hey, why stop there; let’s bomb your mother, too
Legalize prostitution, fuck yeah
Abolition of work
Save with your gun
Shave your generation
2 many DJ’s. org
Save the paint on the wall
Free Willy
Bush is waiting for his moment
White girls suck dicks the best.
Back use for fuck
No way, Jewish girls are #1
I have seen the best minds of my generation ruined by complacency
End Reverse Racism
America’s being overrun by illiterate, ebonic-speaking idiots
Who only want $ and women
Cap’n Red Beard
Kevin, BJ
The Sperm Burpers
Rap is not music; it is BAD poetry
Usually about:
-women (Bitches and hoes)
It’s the only job a hardened criminal can go into and be looked at as a role model
Don’t you realize how screwed up your priorities are?
How come Niggers can call whites any name they like and no one does a thing?
Stop Politically (in) correct Behavior
The jails may be full of blacks, but guess what, they do the crime
God I hate Niggers
I don’t care what color you are!
God I hate niggers
Act like their attitude and bullshit
Are “cool” or anything else
*The names they give babies!
*"You understand!"
The chicken-bobbing head manners!
(Dis) respect is something in a mafia movie
The baggy clothes, this is the way they dress in jail
Ambition: To shoot hoops or be a rap star

Shane Allison was born and raised in the U.S., more specifically, in Florida. Even more specifically, in Tallahassee, which is the capital of Florida, surprisingly. He started writing poetry when he was just a 16-year-old baby who knew nothing about the world. Writers who influence him the most include
Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Denise Duhamel, Walta Burowski, and others scattered throughout literary society. His Pushcart-nominated poems have been published in Mississipi Review, New Delta Review, Coal City Review, The Fifth Street Review, Velvet, Suspect, Blue Food, Lynx Eye, and many others. His chapbook, Ceiling of Mirrors, is out from Cynic Press and his new chapbook is a work in progress.

 “Afternoon Pleasures” is a poem that I wrote, but didn’t write. It’s a found poem for which I took grafitti off different bathroom walls over a span of three years. Realizing that the poem is much more potent without dipping it in some poetic form, I stuck with the bare, realness of it. Each word that is in caps or underlined is intentional because that’s the way it was written on the walls. The piece has these great elements of sex, humor, sexism, racism, and politics all mixed in and dirty. I’m still not finished with it. “AP” is a poem that encases other poems within it. I like that I can continue to take and take from it.


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