portion of Bethan Townsend's artwork

Bethan Townsend

So I skipped a beat
right back in time

Tumbled backwards down the
lime street steps
not limestone.

My city, how are you?
How have you been?

So I jumped a step
right back in time,

Swam across the mersey,
dolphins (no joke)
each side.

Welcome to my city?
Culturally inhibited,
Culturally anointed.

So I skipped that beat,
right back in time
so this old city,
city of mine.

But nothing changes,
Cultural cash point,
Capital gain,
Same dirty side streets
again and again.

I love you my city,
In both red and blue,
Support you my city,
Despite what you do.

There’s a laziness in the air,
Crossed generations but never,
crossed the river.

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