portion of Bethan Townsend's artwork

Barra an Teampaill
Bethan Townsend

And I head across the Liffey,
D2 D2 D2.
Don’t want to be tourist,
cultural fiend.

Yet it is awash with tourist types,
Flashing Japanese cameras,
Peace signs,
Bleached American teeth.
I don’t care.

The pillar box pub beckons,
Calls me to the people I want,
Toothless, feckless, mindless,
Hearts as big as your Japan, your USA.

Someday I’ll join the dancers,
or open a boutique,
or make quaint cakes,
pies and bakes,
Just to one day fit in.

But everybody’s welcome,
Hence the popularity,
But in the darker corners,
Lurks the exciting reality.

Sat inside, on my flea-bitten bar stool,
Staring out at cobbles and carts,
A modern day mash up,
And a Jameson’s pick-me-up
Remind me.

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