Some Holes
Stella Brice

When Alice was 25,
she tendered
a number
of curious
from men.

A guy in a hardware store asked if she would be willing to “feminize”
him: to zip him in a dress; put makeup on his lips & spank his
satin ass. He said he kept his supplies in the trunk of his car & the
car was just outside & would she go with him to do this thing?

Another wanted her to bust his cherry. Just firk that thing out. He
told her she wouldn’t be sorry because he was extremely sensual.

Some just threw blunt money. Cash for her intimate body or rather certain
luscious holes in her body.

Each stated cleanly
that this was an arrangement. An
exchange which
pegged her
for a whore.

She can still hear that lewd bird cry:

Alice oh Alice
won’t you be
my trick
my nugget

My lil’ shit-cookie?

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