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“The Mystical Art of Accounting”
Belief in one’s accountant is surely a matter of concerted faith—and indeed, all those who have that mysterious predilection with number crunching—specifically prognoses, diagnoses, predictions, and hard-boiled statistical evidence. One might say, in fact, that the modern day high-flying accountant or finance whiz is yesteryear’s equivalent of a Sybil, sage, or a bone-cracking soothsayer. After all, the underlying forces of the cosmos all appear to be tied up in modern, free-for-all economics. As has recently been well documented, not a day goes by without a personal evaluation of the cost of bacon.

“Mister Wang Baits Matter”
True story of a man convinced of his own powers, and for whom life has proven to be a blessing of material wealth. Teddy Liu was literally absconded for the sake of the business. I imagine he’s now enjoying his just fruits hanging in the cloud forest free of charge; or perhaps he’s breaking rocks with a pickaxe. Either way, Mister Wang continues to bait matter. I’ve heard that the daily intake of Sichuan noodles is starting to show on his waist—you can’t fight the law of physics. But then, of course, this is hearsay, and we all know cigarettes don’t grow on trees.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 28 | Spring 2010