portion of the artwork for Nanette Rayman Rivera's poems

E. 93rd Street Violine Violence
Nanette Rayman Rivera

If in project’s strobe light bottles had been cut
kidskin dripping with litigious moons
my whole incoherent heart serrated from delight
Doors soaped, a life speckled
when in this case of straddle and various,
in this hour of violine purple, the dahlia withdrew
as if I saw the perfect fifth splay and duck
in the draft and foul
flogging of my own will before pistil and dawn
I stand where the heated corollas fell
delicate as angioplasties O O, tiny monochrome boats—
Where you once said the dahlia stands for a ticket
I see de-livered candles and balloons negotiating
near enough to this diminutive capture
My moderate boats now cycling the streets
until what slants overhauls me.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 28 | Spring 2010