portion of the artwork for Mike Berger's poems

Mike Berger

There are times when you must be alone;
no, it doesn’t have to be a solemn and
lonely time.
You needn’t ponder the mysteries of
the universe or indulge in deep introspection.

I pity those poor souls whose only escape
is a magazine in the bathroom. Turn on the fan
to drown out the noise of busy kids. I am
lucky. I can escape to my little Japanese garden.

It’s a somber there with trees all around and a
one person wooden bench. Songbirds sing
lilting melodies.

You don’t need a good book to fill the time.
Just sit back and soak up the small wonders
of nature. You have no need of rugged mountains,
forests of pines or waves crashing on the shore
to temper the frenzy of your daily pace.
An hour of being serenaded and kissed by
a gentle breeze somehow rejuvenates the soul.

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