portion of the artwork for Daniel Gallik's poetry
Linn & the Woman on the Phone Should Run for Office
Daniel Gallik

Linn was chatting. Again. On the phone,
I mean, the insane leadership in this nation,
Damn, oh wait a minute, here comes Joeeeey
Down from his shower, hon, would you make
Sure you have enough u-trow in your chest
For the week? Or I’ll chuck a wash in.

Anyway, that Bush. I don’t know where his
Head is. I know he’s telling the truth.
But is he our true leader? Damn, wait
A sec. Joeeeeeeeeey, I told you to put
Deodorant on when you go to school. Damn,
You’re late anyway. Back to Bush, I mean,

I can’t wait till the next election. Maybe
The Demoes will finally present to us
A good leader. Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey,
I want you to take a bus. To school. Or
Get on the Rapid. Damn, how many times
Must I tell you to be responsible? Anyway,

Your mom won’t be home when you get home.
I’ll be looking for a job. And shopping
For p.j.’s. And Mark, my new beau, wants
To SEE me after his supper at some hot
Spot near a motel in Parma. So, anyway,
You’ll probably be sleeping when I get home.

Back to Bush, I think we should elect Demoes
Next election. Or punt. Or just not go
To the polling places. To show em we don’t
Care. So, then, maybe, they will see
The light. And stop being politicians. Or
Republicans. Or men. Don’t you just hate men?

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 33 | Summer 2011