portion of the artwork for Elizabeth P. Glixman's poetry

The Man from TSA—
Unrequited Love Did Not Stop Glenn Close

Elizabeth P. Glixman

When the TSA agent groped me it was love at first feel
It was electric
Will I see you again? I asked after he removed the rubber glove
This is my job, Mam
I did enjoy the love pat I told him

You’re telling me you didn’t enjoy it too
This is my job, Mam
He was so professional
Love men in uniform
I want to feel that glove
Again slide up my thigh

For some people it is eyes meeting in a crowded room
But for me it was when I said no scanner
Thank God my doctor said avoid radiation
Love began with a hand
Love began next to my suitcase
Next to the man with crutches
Next to the boy in a wheelchair
Next to the lady in a push up bra and spandex

This poem is dedicated to Janet Napolitano, who I believe was named after a dessert.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 34 | Fall 2011