portion of the artwork for A.E. Reiff's poetry

A.E. Reiff

“The sensorium of Inferno has begun to constellate more imaginative and more real creatures and beings.”

Jargon Psimith named himself an anti-diuretic nerd
when his parts squeezed out, the hazard of invention.

Shrinking had a consequence like soda pop.
produced ballooning noir.
If you push down, won’t it push back,
acerbic verse?

Hands full to claim psimithic art,
Compression encountered the horrors of the desiccate,
Flames of acid spread to Psimith’s brain.

The upshot was a urinary speech so great
That Jargon transformed his kidney to be complete.

The kidney brain may not be news
after what happened with the gut,
but don’t count Psimith out for something’s up.

You can count that Psimith’s up
when the hairless homo saps of thought
linked the uric world to its posterior brain!

Unevolved cousins of no shell
had a double need to hold it in.

Compressed praxis, taken for what it’s not,
de-verbed fluids to grow the inner world,
squirted balloons of heightened verse!
volumes of dark spined poety pushed out first.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 38 | Fall 2012