Smith Browne’s Comments

Ah, cannibalism… well…

It’s not unnatural to ruminate upon various acts of consumption when one is being consumed. When one is deprived of sleep and cannot help remembering old stories read at night after the proper reading for girls was done:

that in some cultures it was the ultimate act of love to take in the ash or suckle the bones of a dead relative, to make them live on for longer in your flesh. And when your own children feed on you, they take on history.

It is also the ultimate act of aggression against God/gods—not giving back the dust.

It’s also bad Thanksgiving table manners to speak about one’s doctoral thesis in 18th century South Seas travel narratives, in which cannibals invariably come up, while carving the pig. One’s mother tends to become vegetarian.

As to “On this Day”…

I remembered where I was on the day I heard John Lennon died. I wondered where everyone else was.