portion of the artwork for Elizabeth P. Glixman's poetry

The Lonely Life of a Computer Cat
Elizabeth P. Glixman

There were many places to put the bones
They could be put in drawers
in closets
in shoe boxes in the tool shed
They could be put on the dresser as a gift
His favorite place to put the bones
was the basement in the dirt floor
that is where the remains of all the mice he ate would go
He ate mice many days of the week
there were kibbles in his bowl.

His owner was not home much
Oh, she left the cat door open in the basement
He could turn the door knob at the top of the stairs
get into the main house.
He watched other cats do this on YouTube

His was an easy life if you liked solitude
And hunting sublimation
He was a social cat who wanted more
from life. YouTube videos were getting boring

One day he took his favorite bones and left
It is strange that he liked bones
He might have been a dog in another life
But he wasn’t sure
He just knew it was time to hit the road
with dem bones

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 42 | Fall 2013