portion of the artwork for Chris Garson's poetry

Scott Garson’s Comments

When Chris was in college, in the nineties, his stuff was championed by the poet Robert Dana. Though he ended up going another direction—had a career in the testing industry—he wrote privately for most of his life. These five poems come from a manuscript I got together this past summer. Some—like the last one, “Smile”—were finished. Others—like the first one, “Sunshiney Day”—come from poems that exist in a few unfinished versions, some wrapped in his caustic notes to himself, written out in his perfect, bent hand. I can’t say whether or not he’d approve of “Sunshiney Day” in its now-final form. It’s a question I’ve asked. But it’s not something I’ve agonized over. My work was good work, vital work—done out of love and because, in the product, my brother is so, so there.

Editor’s Note: The fiction writer and editor Scott Garson is the brother of Chris Garson, who passed away in 2012.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 42 | Fall 2013