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Two for a Guy I Used to See Around

Rubbing Elbows at the Alpha Market

Once I saw the MacArthur Genius himself
paying for with dollar bills a jug of cheap red wine.

Another time he lurched across the street,
past the Tassajara Bakery, a block and change to go.


He Went Down Swinging

He crossed the ocean and lost a home
He found his way to the Pleasure Dome
He experimented with free verse and drugs
The Beats blew in, blew out, he slept with thugs

       He crossed the Bay to lecture
         on public transit

       used his NEA grant money
         for a down payment

       on a five-bedroom Victorian
         where a family unit formed

       on a hill atop the Haight
         five unrelated men

       with a chore wheel and recitals
         in the combo rec room/den

He went down swinging closing up the bars
Keeping up with boys a third his age
In a shadowland of fugue states, foghorns, cable cars
All the world a snow-white turning page

In Memoriam, Thom Gunn

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 43 | Spring 2014