portion of the artwork for Adam Day's poem

Nonsense Might Always Already Be Sense
Adam Day

The professor can only convince
              the doctor to tell him the problem—

              stage-four cancer—after much
badgering. The physician offers

up a cigarette. At home,
              a concerned wife eager to know

              the prognosis, he lies, averting
further discussion, which is aided,

by news that their daughter
              has gone missing from school.

              They arrive at the classroom
to discover the daughter

in her seat. Still, they proceed
              with their search at the police station,

              and, fortunately, because the daughter
is with them, the chief is able

to gather an exact physical
              description, and the hunt continues,

              until the police commissioner reunites
them with the daughter they never lost.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 47 | Spring 2016