portion of the artwork for Michael Dwayne Smith's poetry

this sunday feeling
Michael Dwayne Smith

(A play on poem titles from Tao Lin’s this emotion was a little e-book)

this feeling is a little bear
sunday morning alone at a café table reading frank o’hara
i am going to touch in difficult ways
i am already exhausted with cruel pages of thought
i am obese with self esteem
it is work to avoid acting like a horrible asshole
it is harder work because people i adore adore horrible assholes
it is prison labor to write a poem that’s not just a famished mammal
i am faking hibernation in an anxious cave
i am truly fucked if i can’t even believe in my own afternoons
i am skinny with self hatred
sunday evening alone at the kitchen table reading larry levis
this feeling is a lot of death

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 41 | Summer 2013