portion of the artwork for Michael Dwayne Smith's poetry

The Entrepreneur and His Fortunes
Michael Dwayne Smith

The difference between coincidence and fate
is a full kiss of self-replica, of correctible vision.

I made some horrible mistakes.
I’m not really suggesting anyone should be like me.
I had this wild Tarot experience.

The cards said, “True power lies in forbidden thought.”

Rub a throbbing Rabbit on each other’s buttocks
and tummies. Rather than shoot for the moon,
ride wave-like. Now think about the tides
you put between you and you.

Sail on, say the cards, get real, surrender to subservience—

on your knees while she stands in front of you.
She’s grabbing my ears for navigation.
I’m lapping cream, sea-salty lips, safe, like in the back
of cop cars. Like a cup of coffee warms my hands.

An accident realized, I’m in an accidental business.
Captains and corporations serendipitously find

we’re blind. You don’t really know what people want,
until you start to do it.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 41 | Summer 2013