portion of the artwork for Tanner Lee's poem

Tanner Lee

My sanity sets on a million
Resting on the

Sometimes it tip toes
through a room of mousetraps
where one
will send me to the crazyhouse.

It’s the small things
that make me crack.

Death, addiction,
and bad relationships
I’m prepared for

but losing a toothpaste cap down the drain,
always having to pee,
forgetting a belt,
warm toilet seats,
paper cuts,
when I forget to close the window
on rainy days.
slow internet,
hang nails,
waking up to my neighbor’s dogs.

These things send me to the madhouse
snap mouse traps in a room
where one domino tips over insanity.

I am held together by a frayed shoelace
so don’t pull too hard.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 49 | Spring/Summer 2017