portion of the artwork for Sommer Schafer's stories

Sommer Schafer’s Comments

These very short stories were written at entirely different times using entirely different prompts as part of an exercise with my writing group, The Fiction Forge. But I like the surprising evolution that emerges among the different narrators as the stories progress: woman knows that she has learned to please others above all else (stage 1, and, unfortunately, I think all too common behavior for women even today); woman wishes she could find some damn realness instead of partaking in a loss of humanity by hiding under shallow pleasantries (stage 2); woman, at long last, comes into her own by doing something that is honest and brave, and results in a kind of empowerment, a little joyful freedom (stage 3).

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 48 | Spring/Summer 2017