portion of the artwork for Wulf Losee's poetry

The Swan in the Hedge
Wulf Losee

Cling to the edge, cling to the edge,
Here, step lightly, touch my beak.
She listened, but would not speak,
Following the white swan through the hedge
—James Wright, “A Little Girl on Her Way to School”

Follow the swan through the break in the hedge
where the hedge is a wall between two next-door worlds
and the swan is the product of your desire
the result of when as a child in your bed
you dreamed (under a full moon) that a magic swan
flew down from the stars on one of your midnights
and she waited for you (head beneath her wing)
on the pond’s stillness until the last planet of dawn
fled through your window and she awakens you now
when the first flash of morning crosses the world
she waddles onto the lawn (she is so impossibly
luminous against the green) and she is moving
quickly away from you (you are blinded by
her sun-blown brightness) she is approaching
the gap in the hedge that you will not see until
its shadows consume the light of her crossing.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 44 | Fall 2014