portion of the artwork for Iris Litt's poem

Love Song While Shopping
Iris Litt

With you, the aisles of Lamston’s
are Byzantium
bazaar of wonders
lined with treasures
paved with gold.

With you, Crazy Eddie’s
is the special madness of lovers
swept along on music of the spheres
which, on my lone visits
I would have asked Eddie,
or his appointed representatives,
to turn down.

With you, Macy’s is a world
of everything we want
representing the infinite facets
of our ridiculously complicated personalities
and which we can attack, experience and carry off

I could go on and on through Banana Republic,
Porto Rico Coffee, Barneys
but the point is, with you nothing
is merely what it is.

With faces backlit by the golden reflection
on the Bosporus
energized by the primitive beat
seduced by infinite doorways beyond doorways

we stumble along together
scratching, kvetching
stretching our minds
grabbing every glimpse
singing every note
bobbing like metronomes
all the way home.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 52 | Fall/Winter 2018