portion of the artwork for Sam Rasnake's poetry

Wake Up
Sam Rasnake
—spring 2020

We should all wake up now

see the body count lift its head,

a gnarl of what he/she said was true

if you can part goat from sheep

as if you were in charge of you,

you know, as if they would ever

let you do … but you’ve never

been so why start now     Wake up

say what you know as if each word

were rivers or names—or better still,

stones to lay, and the walls you never

built: the best ones     We should

wake up now … dream our lives

breathing a perfect day—Understand?

“Here you go, create another fable,
You wanted to”
—System of a Down

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 56 | Fall/Winter 2020