portion of the artwork for Joseph Young's stories

Joseph Young’s Comments

Looking at these three stories together as I sit here thinking about this statement I’m writing, it occurs to me that they, at least mildly, exemplify an idea I’ve had off and on for a number of years: that in really short fiction there should/will be no things but in ideas. Right, the obverse of the WCW edict (in fact, as I’m just relearning, it was only a line in one of his poems—others chose to make it a maxim). I’m being contrarian here, but also isn’t it beautiful to think not about the two halves of a metaphor but rather the string that ties them together? The transmitting empty rather than the objects? OK, sorry, that’s enough of that.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 57 | Spring/Summer 2021