Jennifer VanBuren

Concentric circles 
on the wall of the Biograph
plot coordinates
flash-death fallout radiation sickness
But oh it depends on how the wind blows
how the wind blows if you are out past
the last ring but you and me baby 
we are the lucky ones
stoned and watching the Brothers Quay
we don’t know we are in love
but that is okay
our shadows will not have time
to be etched on the wall
we are vapor

We are vapor, you and me
inside the first circle down in D.C.
Down in D.C. you hold my hand
I wear your leather coat
just like the movies
become Nancy
to your Sid 

God, remember when her knickers
fell from her bag into the alley
and he dropped to his knees
held them up to his face 
and breathed them in and in

I did not understand why
until I tried it myself in your bathroom
tucked my head down
and breathed in my own cotton-soaked scent 
until dizzyness overtook me
and I wished someday someone 
would want me so much
to carry me in his pocket
like a pack of mints